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Hamlet Novel

Hamlet Novel Hamlet by William Shakespeare, is a tragic play which distracts the human instincts of innocents and guilt. Gertrude and Ophelia are faultless, while Hamlet and Claudius where are accountable for their deaths as well as others. unfortunately the anger and need for revenge resulted in the death of innocent. Gertrude who is completely ignorant to her husbands death shows her innocents after the second duel between Hamlet and Laertes when she drinks from “the poison cup. It is too late”(Shakespeare V.2 line 286). Unfortunately her death had to prove her innocents. Ophelia who seems to be in the middle of things is completely innocent after being told to “have you(Opelia) so slander any moment leisure as to give words or talk with Lord Hamlet”(Shakespeare I.3 line133-134). Opelia being told this doesnt know who to trust which makes her innocent.

Also in Hamlet, Claudius and Hamlet are accountable for several deaths which makes them guilty. In proving Claudius is guilty, Hamlet ask the players (actors) to perform a play that acts out the murdering of his father, King Hamlet. By acting out this play it would prove Claudius guilty by his reaction to the play because “madness in great ones must not unwatched go”(Shakespeare III. 1 line 203). After Claudius enraged attitude after the performance proves his guiltiness.

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Hamlets guilt comes from his need to get revenge, Hamlets father comes to him as a ghost asking him to help “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”(Shakespeare I.5 linr27). Though helping him get revenge innocent people die which makes him guilty.


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