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Hamlet – Act 3 Summary

I have continued to fool King Claudius, Gertrude, and the rest of the royal family. They still believe I am mad and this should help me to find out for sure if Claudius is indeed guilty or I have seen a devil ghost. When Ophilia came to me, saying she had some things to return, it enraged me. I told her that I had never loved her and that there are no male figures that will ever love a woman truly, but that they think only of themselves and are liars.

Claudius has agreed to watch the play that I have so ingeniously changed to find his guilt. I reminded the players in the play to act natural in their parts and not to over emphasize things. Horatio has agreed to watch Claudius as the play advances and help me determine his guilt. Ophilia was full of questions during the dumb-show and I had to assure her that it will be explained later. The time comes, when the players shall act my new parts. Claudius jumps up and tells them to stop the play and turn on the lights. He acts as though he is appalled and completely confirms his guilt! Now, I feel that I should kill my mother, as she is requesting me. But I shall not, I shall do as my fathers spirit has told me and leave her for her conscience.
I went to Claudius’ room, yet I could not bring myself to harm him-not yet. Later, when I went to my mother’s room, I killed Polonius. It was not on purpose, I had thought that it might be Claudius hiding behind the curtain thing. Oh, how I hate my mother; for what she has done to me, to this country, and to herself! I have vowed that if I do get sent to London, that I shall also kill my companions, for they are evil as well.

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