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Gun Control

Gun Control Because our constitution guarantees our citizens the right to bear arms, we cannot make gun ownership illegal. We can reduce the problem by doing the following two things. Require all gun owners to be licensed. Require all guns to be registered to licensed owners. All guns would be required to have a serial number.

Guns without serial numbers would be given one. Any unregistered gun would be confiscated. The gun could be returned after the owner gets his/her license. Gun sales to unlicensed individuals would be prohibited. Whenever a gun is sold the previous owner would report the sale including the new owner’s license number.

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A previous owner not reporting a gun sale could be liable for fines and/or damages. Licenses would not be granted to convicted criminals. Whereas these two requirements would not halt gratuitous violence, it would cut down on the number of guns in general circulation. Law abiding gun owners should not disagree too vehemently because there are no restrictions on gun ownership for lawful citizens. Gun owners and dealers will be more careful who they sell to. Criminals will not register or get licensed, and as their guns are confiscated the supply of illicit guns will be reduced by attrition.

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