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Growth In Writing

Growth In Writing Emily Gillette DVWR 101.004 Professor Bull September 22,2000 Growth in Writing Writing is one of my favorite things to do. Expressing yourself is so much easier when given time to think about what needs to be said. I would like to believe that I have a very rich writing history. I keep a journal of all my daily events. I also keep a book close by so if I think of any poems I can write them down right away. My favorite piece of writing was a story that I wrote in my first semester English class. The name of the story was Fade.

This Semester two of my classes will require me to turn in written assignments. This semester should not be two difficult in terms of how much writing I have to do. From my preliminary observations I can tell that I will have one short paper due in Art History 107 class. Although I only have one paper I have one paper, I have two essay exams in my History class. I believe that with some help the writing portion of this semester should be successful.

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The Art History paper has to be two pages long. I have to go to a museum and compare two of the exhibits to each other. Professor Cutis said that the first page of the paper should be talking about my reactions to the exhibits using the vocabulary that we learned in class. The second page should discuss the different time periods and there affects on how the critics might have critiqued the works of art. Also, we have to describe what kind of techniques the artist might have used and why.

The most difficult part of this paper I believe will be trying to utilize the vocabulary that my professor wants us to use, and figuring out the right ways to critique the art. As for my essay exams in History, I have had a problem getting the right amount of details incorporated with the facts. I talked to my History professor and he said that the best way to know which details to add is to, read and re-read the notes from our lectures. I have been trying to take very detailed notes so it will not be a problem when the time comes for our first exam. To conclude, this semester seems like this semester will be smooth sailing when it comes to the writing aspect of my classes. I am hoping that with the help I receive from my writing class I can produce the best papers of my college career. Philosophy Essays.


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