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Governmental Structures

As I began to create my ideal world, I realized that
what I wanted was a mix of three different
governments/cultures. I wanted (and still do) a
government truly of and for the people. I also wanted
a government that was minimalist, one that made sure
there was some kind of order and peace, but one that
was well, personal, while not interfering too much
with the rights of it’s citizens. Additionally, I
wanted a government that would allow private industry,
small businesses, and limited corporations. This
government would regulate the economy by being in
charge of major industries and the minimum wage. This
government would even the playing field for everyone
who wanted to play on it. Education would be
excellent, but driven by the wants of the individual.
Basically, I wanted a government that did not fit well
into any of Stewart’s categories. Please forgive me
if this essay sounds vague at times, because without
being able to mimic typical governments, my nation is
difficult to describe in the way Stewart describes
what has been before. My nation is neither Democratic
Socialist, nor Radical Liberal, nor Anarchist (though
I would have loved to created an Anarchist culture, I
was afraid to, after all, I am a child of the Regan
years) I suppose you’ll just have to read along and
discern what type of government this is by how I
describe it.

In my previous “My Way” essay, I described a world in
which a person was taken care of by the government and
themselves throughout their lives. Because of
effective birth control methods implemented in the
year 2000, the population of the United States
decreased slowly, allowing for more change to take
place because there were basically
fewer people to complicate the change in governmental
structure. From birth until death,
a citizen was covered by the national health care
system. This national system included all hospitals
and doctors under in 2050, a medical “umbrella” for
the entire nation.
As life continued for a citizen of America in 2050,
he or she would enter into their local school system,
based upon Montessori-style education. Within 12-14
years, they would graduate with the experience of a
semester abroad and an Associates degree. The school
system isn’t based so much upon technological advances
as it is by fundamental changes in the way the school
system teaches children. A graduate, if they choose
to, can go on to college, with financial support from
the government. This financial support is based upon
need and merit.

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Once citizen graduates, they may go into the public
or private center for a career. The private center is
much like it is today, in a Radical Liberal nation
like our own. Outside of small business and
corporations, major industry is controlled by the
When a citizen passes the age of 60, they received
Social Security, but in 2050, Social Security is
actually enough to live on. Under Social Security
benefits include senior centers, nursing homes, as
well as several other programs that helped make golden
years enjoyable, if not bearable.
To create the type of world I’d like to live in,
everyone would have to accept the following cultural
1. “It’s not getting there that matters, it’s being
there.” People in 2050 are more likely to improve
their situation for themselves and others, regardless
of what
they have to go through to achieve what is
best for them. This is different
from the “don’t rock the boat” mentality of 1998,
where it is better to go though no pain now, and more
pain latter.

2. “We are the government; we are ‘them’, we are
‘they’.” With this paradigm in place, citizens feel
that they are an active voice in their government,
unlike 1998, where many people feel like they have no
voice in government.

3. “If it won’t be good for our grandchildren’s
future, it is not good for us.” In this paradigm,
citizens would not do anything that would not benefit
future generations. This would create great amounts
of forethought and planning the nation, resulting in a
better future and present situation. In today’s
society, people are more likely to do what is
convenient than what is smartest in the long run.
4. “Education and experience is the key to self
actualization.” Through this paradigm, and the
education system that has been implemented in 2050
creates citizens who have actualized their potential
and are living fulfilling lives.

5. “Everyone is equal. We are brothers and sisters
(in Christ).” Whether this is taken religiously or
not is not as important, what is important is that
everyone treats each other as equals. This means that
they aren’t jealous or competing with one another.
People will simply strive to achieve their best.

6. “Children are the greatest gifts and
responsibilities to our nation.” With the birth
control programs that were implemented, children have
become more than an obligation to the nation. This
changes the way in which the nation deals with
children’s issues; from just covering the basics of
education, health care, and social services, the
nation strives to help each generation of children
achieve the most that they can.

7. the nation strives to help each generation of
children achieve the most that they can.

The governmental system of my world of 2050 is similar
to that of America, 1998, but with a few changes. The
basic system is Radical Liberal but it lacks a party
system. American government of 2050 still has checks
and balances, as well as univeral suffrage. Though the
structure of the three branches remains basically the
same, the single member districts changed slightly,
because of the lack of a party system. The single
member districts cover larger areas to reduce the
amount of candidates in primaries. To qualify as a
candidate, a citizen must petition the public, and
receive at least 5,000 signatures.

America of 2050 has a mixed economy, part capitalist,
part socialist. There is free enterprise within a
somewhat managed economy. I liked Bellamy’s idea of a
nation who supplies what it’s people need, so I
decided to create a system in which businesses can be
created by citizens, but one in which the government
is in control of the major industries. These
industries are that of energy, trasportational
services, water, telephone access, and farming.Each
of these departments would be set up to provide the
most efficient, cost-effective, widespread service and
quality goods. All of these industries would fall
under the national umbrella, as shown in Bellamy’s
Looking Backward.

My year 2050 is very similar to that of today, but
with fewer people, and less waste created by the
nationalization of the above industries, and different
paradigms, my year 2050 creates a more pleasant nation
to live in. With a national health care system in
which every cost is covered by the nation, each
citizen lives a healthy life, one in which they are
physically able to achieve his or her goals.As a
citizen in 2050, a person has the right to an
excellent education, made possible for everyone
because of the smaller amounts of students in schools.

The paradigms of 2050 create a community in which
people see each other as equals and this creates more
harmonious interaction between individuals.The
structure of nationalized industries produces products
that are inexpensive and efficient. The new structure
of government allows regular people to communicate
with and effect government without selling out to a
political party.
Perhaps my system isn’t perfect, but it is the best
possible idea I can conceive of right now. I just
wanted to create a system that would in turn, create a
community of individuals who really cared about each
other. In each of the systems I looked at, I found
good and bad points, so I took as many of the good
points from all of them to create the best system I
could. So, this is my system; one in which healthy,
educated people live together in a community,
supported by a system of checks and balances, which
keep a just and stable government
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