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Goodfellas Goodfellas The 1990 Martin Scorseses motion picture Goodfellas, is a classic movie about the world of organized crime. Goodfellas is based on the Nicolas Pileggi novel WISE GUY. The film starts off in New York City in the 1950s, and is on the life of a poor Irish-Italian named Henry Hill. Hill is an aspiring criminal who threw the movie, rises threw ranks of his Brooklyn neighborhoods organized crime branch, and has Henry and his family living the good life with his profits from his criminal activity, finally Henry is forced to testify against his former partners and lands Henry and his family in the FBIs Witness protection program. In his teen age years Henry starts working in a local hangout for wise guys (members of organized crime).

At first Henry is put to work, parking cars and little odd jobs for the wise guys. After a few years things escalate into more involvement for Henry like working in an underground gamboling ring, running messages, Torching cars, and to selling stolen cigarettes. Most of his current activity is a classified as a misdemeanor, or a public order crime. When Henry ends up getting arrested, and after a light slap on the wrists, Henry earns much trust and respect and starts off on his life of crime. In his early 20s Henry and his partners, Tommy, and Jimmy set up different jobs Crowell 2 to improve there financial gain, social status and if not more importantly respect, from other individuals involved organized crime. The three ran jobs like robbing cargo trucks filled with goods from fur coats, to cigarettes, and even occasionally a shipment of shrimp and lobsters.

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These goods are sold illegally on the black Market for a fraction of their original costs. These criminal activity starts to enhance as time moves on, with public official and police payoffs, crimes are put on the bottom of the pile or never investigated. Along with the intimidation of witnesss and the common fear of two-timing organized and never being herd from again members of organized crime usually escape the long arm of the law. Henrys first big score was a robbery of an over seas bank exchange from the Air France loading dock with the help of Tommy and the head security guard jimmy just walked out with a suit case of almost 250,000 dollars, After this Henry earns respect as a big time wise guy. With time Henry, Tommy, and Jimmy move on to more serious crimes like Major shakedowns of business for protection and skimming a popular restaurant by unloading goods like liquor out the back door and selling them for a fraction of the price, but it was not a loss because no one was going to pay for it when the restaurant barrowed every last dime they torched the place.

This was an insurance fraud crime and Arson witch are both serious felonies. When members of organized need to keep someone quiet they take care of it by making the person disappear, In the film this usually entailed a six foot pit up state. Henry, Tommy and, Jimmy took many trips up state during the course of the movie. Hits were not an uncommon thing in the movie, like when Jimmy pulled off one of the Crowell 3 biggest robberys in u.s. history he killed everyone involved.

In most crimes vehicles are stolen to be used in illegal dealings so no one could trace a car back to the person who committed the crime. After the criminal activity was over the car was torched or driven into the river. When Jimmy made his big score, the get away driver got drunk and forgot to dump the car, this is when people started disappearing. On a failed robbery Henry and Jimmy were pinched (arrested) on federal charges and given Ten years in a federal prison. When Henry went to prison he stated paying off the guards to look the other way so he could sell narcotics to other inmates, and live a decent life behind bars.

Henry did not live with the prison population he lived in a private cell with other mafia figures in prison on different charges, they received many privileges like being able to import extravagant food and Alcohol. Henry was released half way threw his original ten year sentence. After Prison Henry did not stop his enterprises in narcotics. It is a general rule of organized crime that if you get involved with narcotics you will more than likely disappear. Henry ended up taking to many chances, and found himself getting arrested. For fear of his life and prosecution, Henry decided to testify against all of his former associates and join the F.B.I.s witness protection program.

This film was an accurate and classic depiction of organized crime during the period of time. Goodfellas dealt with a significant amount crime. The film displayed all of the eight Crimes listed in the F.B.Is Uniform Crime Report or the U.C.R. The movie also exhibited many public order crimes as well to the major crimes. Normal Normal Default Paragraph Font Default Paragraph Font Body Text Body Text LibLab9fC:WINNTProfilesliblab9Application DataMicrosoftWordAutoRecovery save of Adam Taylor Crowell.asd LibLab9:C:WINNTProfilesliblab9PersonalAdam Taylor Crowell.doc???? ?a Unknown! Times New Roman Times New Roman Symbol Symbol ,LFG-LFE-LF LibLab9 LibLab9 LibLab9 LibLab9 LibLab9 Normal LibLab9 Microsoft Word 9.0 New England College Root Entry 1Table 1Table WordDocument WordDocument SummaryInformation SummaryInformation DocumentSummaryInformation DocumentSummaryInformation CompObj CompObj ObjectPool ObjectPool Microsoft Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8.


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