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George S Patton

.. ing and the first delivery of 20 tanks arrived and they became the 304th Tank Brigade. Patton was known all around Europe for the training he gave to his men. The men of the 304th were worked hard by Patton. He would drill them hard and was a stickler for discipline: All human beings have an innate resistance to obedience.

Discipline removes this resistance and by constant repetition, makes obedience habitual and unconscious. His men were considered the best trained in Europe. Patton gave the best training he could give to their men, and their men the best they could give in response to Patton. On September 12, the Germans attacked but Patton failed and 104 of his 174 tanks got trapped in the mud. General Rochenbacher was very disappointed with Patton and he was threatened with being relieved of his position.

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Patton had to do something to give satisfaction to his General so he decided to take his tanks on an unauthorized mission the next day. Three of his tanks were able to break through the Germans and the mission was accomplished. With this Patton could convince of what he and his 304th were capable of. A few weeks later Patton was wounded in a mission that had the objective of taking over a machine gun nest. Because of this he had to spend the rest of the war at the hospital. He received the Service Cross and Medal, and the Purple Heart (Appendix).

Patton spent his years after the war going from base to base as a control officer for mechanized maneuvers as a brigadier general. Patton was so harsh to everyone that during this time he got nicknamed Old Blood and Guts. Patton joined the Second Armored Division at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1940. He was named commanding general in April 11, 1941, and later on was promoted to Major General George S. Patton Jr. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed the U.S.

Naval base at Pearl Harbor. This attack got the United States to fight in the World War II. On February 5, 1942, Patton was assigned to create a Desert Training Center to train both men and machines to fight in desert conditions. They were getting ready to fight some German troop under the command of Marshal Erwin Rommel The Desert Fox. Patton was asked to get his men trained well and fast. Four months later Patton found out that he was being sent to North Africa. On November 8, 1942, General Patton and his Tank Force landed on the beaches of French Morocco. Here the Americans had to fight the French who where under orders to resist.

Patton organized a fight, which included Naval, air and ground bombardment to Casablanca. The same day the attack was scheduled for, the French were ordered to cease resistance. In March 1943, Eisenhower transferred Patton to the American II Corps. Eisenhower, who gave him many important assignments, considered Patton a great leader. II Corps had a sub-par performance thus far in Operation Torch. The troops had to be picked up quickly, Eisenhower remarked, For such a job Patton has no superior in the Army General Pattons buoyant leadership and strict insistence upon discipline rapidly rejuvenated the II Corps and brought it up to fighting pitch.

The plan assigned to Patton was to work along with Marshal Bernard L. Montgomerys British forces to break through German lines. Just when Patton found an opportunity to break through the lines by the east side, the British General Sir Harold Alexander ordered Patton to abort that mission and keep Africa Corps from running off while Montgomerys Army broke through the line. After this, Patton was very frustrated, but he was back in action when Eisenhower assigned him to plan Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily. By May 20, Northern Africa was under Allied control.

Allied forces landed on Sicilys coast on July 20, 1943. Pattons was moved to the Seventh Army and while making plans, he was asked to double check with the British. Montgomery criticized a lot Pattons plans, but Patton did not even care for him. The invasion lasted 39 days of constant conflict. The Americans had already accomplished their task but Montgomery had problems pushing north.

A final push to the Northern city of Palermo, which resulted in 6,000 German casualties and 44,000 prisoners, gave the Allies the victory. By July 22, 1943, Western Sicily was under Allied occupation and later on Patton aid Montgomery, who was stuck at the south in Mount Etna. On August 3, while Patton was visiting the wounded at the 15th Evacuation Hospital, one of the most legendary stories about Patton took place. He found a soldier very depressed so he decided to ask what was going on. The soldier answered Patton by saying, I guess I just cant take it.

Patton got enraged and struck the soldier on the face with his gloves, called him a coward, cursed him and kicked him out of the tent. Seven days later, while Patton was visiting the 93d Evacuation Hospital, a very similar incident happened. Patton asked a soldier what was wrong and the soldier replied, Its my nerves, and began to cry. Patton screamed at him What did you say? And the soldier replied him Its my nerves, I cant stand the shelling anymore. Again Patton was furious and called the man a coward, struck him and this time he even threaten to kill him.

Patton was ordered personally by Eisenhower to formally apologize to the soldiers. Patton was given the command of the United States Third Army and on New Years Eve, 1943, the Third Army was put on active duty. They traveled to England to prepare for the Allied invasion of Europe. On June 5, 1944, Patton addressed the Third Army with a speech about what he expected of every soldier. He also reassured the men, but told the truth.

War is not a pretty thing. The speech was very vulgar and very colorful, but in a rhetorical manner which got through to the soldiers better. On June 6, 1944, the biggest invasion in the history began. Biographies.


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