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Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering *HTML**FONT SIZE=2 PTSIZE=8*However, if the problems of today and the need to remember historical atrocities in genetics are important, it is just as critical to plan ahead. The next 100 years will see changes more dramatic than the 20th century, which saw the creation of molecular genetics, the rise and fall of eugenics, and the creation of a U.S. and international human genome mapping effort. It is time, I believe, to use some imagination to think about what might come to be in the world of genetics in the next 100 years. Only by looking at the long-term outcomes of our current genetic research will we see the compelling need to confront the most basic questions posed by genetic medicine.

And, in any event, it is no more dangerous to exercise a little imagination about our future than it is dangerous to fail to be prescient about possible surprises, such as human cloning.*/FONT**FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10**BR* *BR* */FONT**FONT SIZE=2 PTSIZE=8*One shape in the crystal ball is not difficult to discern. Some areas of genetic medicine, such as the effort to identify simple genetic etiology for complex diseases and traits, will plainly begin to fall away during the next few years. *BR* *BR* I am even more frightened of by the prospects of genetic engineering. I truly see little good in *BR* going forward in this technology unless we are willing to accept the fact that we are going toplay god and transform humans into, really, another species altogether. Disease is in our lives for a reason; it’s a means of population control.*BR* *BR* I really believe that the key to preventing disease is nutr ition; Teach people *BR* to nourish themselves properly instead of filling up with the crap most people are *BR* consuming.

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Why do you think degenerative diseases are on the rise in first world *BR* countries? I often wonder whether given the chance whether or not Einstein would *BR* give forth the knowledge he came upon. I think we’re heading in the same direction with *BR* genetics as we have been with nuclear power-No good! * Science.


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