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Genetic Engineering

.. precautions are in effect in order to save the lives of unborn babies. Gene therapy cannot be used on humans until it is perfected and there is little or no chance of failure. These sciences are not perfect but give it a few years and it will be a great benefit to the human race. It is not safe to clone a human.

It took 277 tries to successfully clone Dolly the sheep. This should not stop scientists from trying to clone organs that could save many lives. Currently three states banned the cloning of humans. Among the states are Michigan, Rhode Island, and California. The state banns will stay in effect for five years in California and Rhode Island.

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Currently there are three years and eight months left until the ban is lifted. In the state of Michigan, if convicted of attempting or cloning a human there is a number of penalties, including a ten-year prison sentence. ( With this amount of time, the scientists will have perfected the process of cloning and it will be accepted more then it is now. The safety regulations of cloning only extend to human cloning at the present time. This is due to the fact that cloning is not perfect and some abnormalities and failures have come about in this new technology. Society cannot expect to be perfect the first time it does something, but merely get better as they practice.

The more tests that are done on bacteria, plants, and organisms the more effective genetic engineering will benefit human life in the future. Scientists are also able to detect abnormalities in the cloned organism before it has even started to develop. By monitoring the DNA of the organism, scientists can decide if the clone will be able to further develop. If it is not able to then the process can be terminated. Society tends to have special concerns about new technologies.

This biotechnology is no exception. Among the special concerns are birth defects and the stability of the organisms life. If a sheep or a plant is cloned or genetically altered, will it have a stable and healthy life? The answer is yes. The reasoning behind genetically engineered organisms is to create a healthy and more stable life form. If it did make life forms unstable what would be the purpose genetic engineering? Society also fears that this biotechnology may get into the wrong hands and somebody could bring back a treacherous person like Adolph Hitler. Cloning is possible and society knows this.

Even if it is illegal to clone a person, the technology is available if somebody were to want to clone. The way people talk about cloning is as if it does not exist and think they can prevent it from ever happening. The sad fact is that it exists and people know how to use it and if a terrible person wants to use it for the wrong reasons they will do it no matter what. The only people that are being hurt by the strict guidelines are the doctors and scientist who want to help people. The criminals who use it for the wrong purposes are going to keep doing it as long as they do not get caught. As society reads increasingly about genetic engineering, they seem to form views that are not based on facts, but merely the opinions of a journalist.

It is very easy to find articles in News Week or on the Internet that support genetic engineering. The thing that society needs to do is think about the facts and decide if the benefits of genetic engineering out weigh the consequences. Society tends to argue against genetic engineering using three main topics. First, it is not a safe thing for mankind to do because it is not part of the natural order of things. Many people also think it is letting doctors and scientists play the role of God. Third, people believe that scientists are trying to control something that man was not supposed to control.

All of the previous topics have little or no support and were partly created because of societys ignorance. The most common defense that people give for not accepting the science of genetic engineering is that it is not part of the natures course. If this is the case then driving, flying, wearing clothes and etcetera should be banned and people should be afraid of this. As man has evolved from the earliest stages of Precambrian times, it has introduced things that were completely unknown and not part of nature. This includes fire, clothing, boats, automobiles, planes, medical treatment, computers, and now genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering is just another evolutionary step in the great journey of mankind. If the world could harness the possibilities of genetic engineering, it would save many lives and prevent many diseases from ever developing. Many people also think that this new biotechnology is letting scientists and doctors play god. These doctors are not trying to recreate human science; they are just trying to perfect its flaws. Doctors and scientists have already helped diabetics with their synthetic insulin, and unfertile parents are now able to have children.

Those that oppose genetic engineering because doctors are trying to play god, do not realize what genetic engineering has already contributed to our world. Society should research issues before forming an ignorant opinion. Another opposing view to genetic engineering is the idea that doctors and genetic engineers are trying to control something that man was not supposed to be able to control. These ideas stem from peoples fear and religious affiliation. This is based on opinions that people have formed, once again, because of their ignorance towards genetic engineering.

The fear that people have toward genetic engineering is not new to science. Ever since the beginning of science, man has been afraid of the unknown. Space travel and flying were not widely accepted until the twentieth century and was completely absurd just one hundred years ago. Today they are widely accepted and are used everyday. Genetic engineering is in the first stage of its discovery and will emerge in the twenty first century and will be as accepted as is flying and space travel. The people of the world should ease up on holding back the evolution of science and realize its possibilities for future generations.

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