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Gender Bashing

Gender Bashing The Mens Right Movement: Male is Not a Four-Letter Word 11/22/00 Jack Kammers article seeks to point out that negative aspects have stemmed from the growing womens liberation movement. This article does a good job bringing to light the anti-male feelings that are sometimes associated with the word feminism. However, it does not really have a concrete basis that supports this authors opinions. Kammers article does share one concept common among some of the other critiques I have read on this man vs. women phenomenon.

That is, without a factual base they tend to sound like simple complaints. I feel that articles such as these tend to take attention off of real problems that are embedded in our society. They also lead other reader to perceive the whole subject as a joke rather than a social science seeking solutions to real problems. Kammer does take the time to include some statistics on the many ways a mans life is worse than that of a women, but these can be quickly thrown out. For example, women have typically not been allowed to work in death professions. I am sure that as our society grows everyone will have an equal chance at these wonderful jobs.

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I found it appalling that he even objected to differential treatment of children in hostage situations. I have shared some of the same feelings that Kramer describes, but I tend to ignore those as just differences of opinion or an ignorant person speaking to quickly. His use of the media portraying men as secret admirer and blood brother to the gang rapist is useless. The media will do anything to sell their product. That is something we can all agree on. We as a society are the police force that must control the media.

Refuse to buy their product and they will change. I agree with Krammer in that many feminists tend to focus on mens shortcomings as a way to further their cause. He does go a little far in using comics as an example of zapping our cultures male energy. This is a large problem that is detrimental to a lot of arguments present today. (Look at the elections.) Rather than seeking a solution that will bring one side up to meet the other these people hope to bash the other side down.

I have not heard of the silent crisis facing men, but I think we can all agree that hitting is bad or we may have to revert back to kindergarten to learn the golden rule. Finally I will leave you with one thing my mother taught me long ago. Excuse my French, but it coincides with the title. Assholes are everywhere; they know no gender, color, shape, position, etc. Once a person realizes this and does not count the whole group, whatever it may be, off it makes a whole lot easier to ignore them.

Bibliography Kammer, Jack. The Men’s Right Movement: Male is Not a Four-Letter Word.


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