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GADGETS ADDICTION AMONG THE MALAYSIAN TEENAGERS Introduction the gadget addiction among the Malaysian teenagers is becoming more and more common in the current age

Introduction the gadget addiction among the Malaysian teenagers is becoming more and more common in the current age, with people developing an obsession with their tablets,mobile phone or other electronic device. According to a study, people who had to remain without using their gadgets for 1-3 days of time displayed various traits of anxious behavior, and were only calmed down once they got back access to their gadgets.Gadgets is viewed as an important communication tool and has become an integral part of the Malaysian society. Malaysians are increasingly addicted to gadgets.Today, gadgets are equipped with other features that allow further communication and entertainment.Gadgets are with message Service(SMS), player, games, internet and videos. These additional features attracted people across all walks of life including the younger generations, and consequently increase the number of teenagers who addicted gadgets in Malaysia. Malaysian teenagers claimed that owning gadgets is an essential part of their life. This is not surprising as the teenagers are digital natives, example individuals born in the technological era and will naturally be easily attracted to any technological gadgets.Furthermore, the mobile gadgets not just as a tool for communication but, also as a way to express themselves.

To date, little is known on the extent of gadgets addiction among the teenagers in Malaysia, including its correlates and consequences on their psychological well-being. Gadget addiction among Malaysian teenagers may also lead to attention disorder.For the example of this could be that many people having this problem experience lack of concentration or the ability to focus on something. They also tend to forget stuffs easier, and their decision making capability deteriorate, making them generally poorer than people who do not have gadget addiction. More Physiological problems directly related to long exposure to gadgets include regular headaches, shortsightedness, aches in back and the neck .Some researchers also connect the gadget addiction problem to supporting their claims with over-exposure to electronic-magnetic waves/fields emitted by gadgets. Along with this, stress and anxiety are a given conditions of gadget addiction, as one always try to compare their own lives with the virtual lives of others, thus, creating communication disorders.

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Therefore, it is of interest to the present study to explore the gadgets addiction usage among Malaysian teenagers. The present study will reveal information on the patterns and levels of usage on gadgets addiction among Malaysian students/teenagers as well as their related factors. Additionally, the study will provide an understanding on the extent to which problematic gadgets addiction is related to the psychological health. Parents and those with interest in young people will find that the information from this study enhanced their understanding and ability to provide guidance that encourages positive activities. Government and policy makers may find that information from the present study is useful in their planning of procedures and use of technology and providing guidance particularly to the technology among Malaysian teenagers towards reaping the advantage of the technology for their positive development.

The cases of gadgets addiction among the Malaysian teenagers


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