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Fitzgerald Protagonists

.. aviors of that society. Jay Gatsby succumbs to his morally void Long Island society by participating in the immoral actions of his society. Firstly, Gatsby explores an adulterous relationship with Daisy, and descends into the world of the virtueless: ” So he waited, listening for a moment to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her.” (100) Consequently, by physically acting out his desires for Daisy, Gatsby descends into the depths of moral defeat.

Secondly, Gatsby succumbs to the immorality of the Long Island by buying into the vain dream of that society. The dream was the good life. Gatsby abandoned all his dreams so that he could achieve this status. Writer William H. Fahey, observes Gatsby succumbing to the vain dream of the good life when he writes, ” He has lived not for himself, but for his dream, for his vision of the good life inspired by the beauty of a lovely rich girl.”(71) Gatsby abandons his own dreams in pursuit of a vain dream inspired by Daisy. Hence, Gatsbys involvement with a morally void society causes him to succumb to immoral actions.

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Stahr too succumbs to his morally corrupt society. Hollywoods influence on Stahr, causes him to submit himself into devious behavior. Stahr submits himself when puts a hit on his partner, Pat Brady after Brady tries to take over their business. Stahr, is the perfect example of a good man driven by a bad society to do something heinous. By Stahr putting a hit on Brady he succumbs to Hollywoods corrupt society.

Therefore, Stahr does in fact succumb to his deviant society. Dick Diver also succumbs to his morally challenged society. Firstly, Dick succumbs to his morally challenged society when he pursues an adulterous affair with Rosemary Hoyt. Dick says to Rosemary, “Oh, say that later! But kiss me now- love me now. Ill love you and never let Nicole see.”(76) Dick abandons all his virtue to pursue his adulterous affair and conceal it from his ill wife. This quote shows how Dick has succumbed to the moral wasteland of his society. Secondly, Dick continues to succumb to his morally challenged society when he begins to drink heavily.

Dicks drinking problem is illustrated in a conversation Dick has with the father of a patient at Dicks clinic: My son is here for alcoholism, and he told us he smelt liquor on your breath..We hand Von Cohn to you to be cured and within a month he twice smells liquor on your breath! What kind of cure is that there? Dick hesitated.. After all, Mr. Morris, some people are not going to give up what they regard as food because of your son–(163) This quote clearly shows how Dick has succumb to alcoholism, a disease that runs rampant among the people of his society. In addition to this Dick has succumb to the bitterness of society, and has become emotionally hardened and insensitive. Therefore, Dick, Stahr, and Gatsby have all succumb to the moral desert of high society.

Fitzgeralds protagonists end their lives in failure. They achieve this failure in their lives by succumbing to their morally dry societies. There is a direct relationship between the protagonists inability to resist the moral desert of high society and the cause of their failure. In other words, Fitzgeralds protagonists receive justice for their immoral actions. Jay Gatsby ends his life in failure because he is unable to remain a moral character in his society.

Firstly, he dies an unhappy man unable to benefit from the potential of his wealth, because he bought into the vain dream, of a vain a society. William H. Fahey writes: None cares. To be sure, in the radiance of Gatsbys single vision everyone is greeted as familiar; “Old sport,” he calls them all. But he has no friends.

No cares who gives the parties. Nobody goes to his funeral except Owleyes and Nick. No one else was interested, as Nick says, -interested, I mean, with that intense personal interest to which everyone has some right at the end. Rich as he was, he is a poor a son-of-a-bitch like us all in the end. (85) Fahey clearly illustrates the personal failure Gatsby achieved by buying into the vain dream of high society. Secondly, Gatsby ends his life in failure due to an unnecessary death. How does he die? Indirectly, he dies not by murder, but by suicide.

He dies because of his indecent relationship with Daisy. Had Gatsby not succumb to his desire for Daisy, she would never have been in his car and their would never have been a shooting. Had he not succumb, he may have had a chance at a fulfilling life. Therefore, Gatsbys inability to remain virtuous in the moral desert of high society was the source of his failure. Stahrs failure at the end of his life, like Gatsbys, is unnecessary death. Stahr ends his life in failure because he was unable to resist succumbing to the moral desert of high society.

Stahr dies tragically in a plane crash and is unable to marry his one true love, Thalia. Yet this tragedy could have been avoided. If Stahr had not put a hit out on Brady, he would never have been on the plane to New York and he would still be alive. Therefore, it can be said that Stahrs unnecessary death was an outcome of his own ineffectiveness to remain a moral character. Dick Diver ends his life in personal and professional failure.

His failure comes from his inability to resist the immorality of his society. Nicole comments on Dicks failure in life when she says, “ used to want to create things–now you seem to want to smash them up.” (267) Dick ends his personal life in failure because had succumb to the immorality of society. Nicole says, “You dont care for me anymore..Its all just habit. Things were never the same after Rosemary.”(308) This quote clearly states that the cause of Dicks personal failure was his adulterous relationship with Rosemary. Dicks professional failure was again caused by his inability to resist the immorality of society. Dicks drinking was the reason he was bought out of the clinic.

It can also be assumed that his drinking ruined his professional career after he left Europe. Therefore it can be said that Dick, along with Gatsby, and Stahr, failed in life because they were unable to resist the moral desert of high society. In conclusion, it can be said that one who lives among the immoral will succumb to their environment. In the case of Fitzgeralds protagonists in The Last Tycoon, The Great Gatsby , and Tender is The Night, failure is the justice for immoral action. Whether or not this is a balanced justice is debatable, but it is justice nonetheless.


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