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Final essay

1.The Clinton-Lewinsky affair is a very good example of the concentric circle model. Thinking of it in the way explained in the book, “as a pebble being dropped in still water.” That is exactly what happened in this story. The ripples were the different people that were actually involved in and knew of the story in the first place, before it got out to the public. The media’s knowledge of the story started when Michael Isikoff tracked down Linda Tripp, because of tips he received from other people. It is funny to me how the story for the media began which was because there had been rumors that Clinton had asked Monica Lewinsky to perjure, which would have been illegal. What is so funny to me about that is, when the news actually hit the public, the story seemed to change to the fact that Clinton had an affair. Which is exactly what the Newsweek and other news outlets were not interested in reporting.

2.Internet has evolved over the last ten years. It has continually expanded and become every more a part of the media’s conglomeration. And the future of the internet is looking very good. Because technology has always surpassed itself, coming out with new and better products on an continual basis. Today the internet is accessible in most schools and children are becoming more computer literate. I believe that one day the internet will surpass all other forms of media. As more people start to become computer literate they will use the internet more. Business’s make billions of dollars a year from the internet. Allowing people to shop in the convenience of their own home has been a huge plus for these business’s. This is a very profitable venue for a business because they don’t have all the expenses of an actual store, such as employees and the physical store.

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3. The White House Press Secretary has a very unique relationship with the media. The person who has this job more than likely has an abundant amount of information the media would like to know. This goes along very well with what libertarians believe. Which is “that people are involved in a life-long quest for knowledge, truth and wisdom.” They “imagined a word of many diverse publications that there would be room for every outlook.” That, “truth-seeking individuals exchange ideas in an unstructured, free-wheeling marketplace.” And finally that “all citizens engaging in great dialogues through the media seemed naive to some people.”
4.Orson Welles had no idea that what he did that Halloween night in 1938 would have such great impact on people. One-sixth of people that listen to the radio broadcast panicked. The way that listeners perceived the message was not good. They did mention that the broadcast was a joke, but only at the beginning so people that missed that first part did not know that it was just a hoax. People actually believed that there were actual aliens that had landed. This was a very good example of how listeners or viewers of a media product go through the different steps of message conception, encoding, transmission, reception and decoding. The people doing the broadcast did it in such of a way that it seemed that they were encoding it to say that the event had happened, if they had not heard them say it wasn’t true at the beginning. They used electronic transmission to allow for people to hear it. Reception was the people actually hearing the broadcast. Decoding is how the person translates to themselves what they have just heard.

5.The War of the Worlds best fits the basic model. Looking at the five fundamental steps to this model you can see that it is much like it. Orson Welles came up with the idea to put on the broadcast, this would be the first step. He then actually followed through with it and told the bogus story, which would complete the second step. He did this over the air-waves which is the third step. People listened to the broadcast and made something of it. And the final step is people deciding whether they believed the story or not.

6.There is no doubt that our society is relies heavily on public opinion polls. All sorts of people and business’s use them to determine a vast array of things from whether people prefer Coke or Pepsi to who people will be voting for in the coming primary election. This can be looked at as both a good and a bad thing depending on who’s view you look at it from. For the people and business doing the surveys, they are great. A survey can allow them to know what will probably happen in the future or whether or not they are using the right marketing or presidential campaign. Business’s can increase there profits incredibly if they know what the consumers want. But for those of us on the other side be targeted to by all of these campaigns it can be seen as ridicules. These business’s and politicians who have these polls conducted for them, use them to sell some sort of and image back to ourselves. The presidents campaign team wants to know how people feel about abortions, before their candidate goes and takes a side on the issue. So it is almost as if that person decision is not based on what he or she really feels, but what will get them the most amount of votes. It can be looked at the same way in a marketing campaign.

7.These days it would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of MTV. MTV is mainly targeted towards teens. One of the biggest reasons why MTV has been such a success for Viacom is because, it is a “Cool thing” for teens to watch. Not many teens dislike MTV as they would maybe PBS. MTV has shows that relate to teens, these shows include many of the people these teens look up to in the entertainment business. So the things that they see those people doing, wearing, saying or even eating or drinking, they will want to do. It is a mode of surveillance for them. They can check out what the newest fashions or see what everybody else is listening to. People then take those things they saw or heard on these shows and talk about them or try to copy them. This would be how people use them in socialization. When teens watch these shows the go through the diversion function because, when they are watching they almost are there. They feel like they have left all of their worries and are really in Cancun on MTV’s Spring Break Special.

8.News as we know it today has drastically changed from colonial days. Back in the colonial days there was only one way for people to get news and that was by newspaper or magazine. There was no TV or radio in those days. Newspapers and magazines would run daily or weekly depending on there style. As time passed radio was introduced. This gave people an third outlet to get there news from. The invention of the TV did a great deal for News agencies, it allowed them to get the news out to mass audiences. Today we have stations such as CNN that have 24 hour news. This was a big break through when it happened. CNN had a profound effect on how news would be gathered and distributed. Ted Turner saw that people wanted a station like CNN and although he had no experience in News he went out and started a 24/7 news station. CNN has been the only station to cover many events such as the Gulf War, which has helped them very much. Then finally the internet has allowed people access to news 24/7 also.


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