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Fake Myth

Fake Myth Many centuries ago, before you, before me. Before water existed. There was a god, who roamed the earth in search of something, anything. He roamed the barren landscapes and searched under all rocks. Until one day he found something. It was a hole, a hole that seemed bottomless.

So he threw a rock down it. Now this hole was no ordinary hole, it was perfectly circular. It also contained all the water of the world, and an evil spirit, which could change form. The rock that was thrown down the hole hit the spirit on the head. He got very mad and chased the god away. So now the god came up with an idea.

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He filled the hole with all the rocks of the world. This took many years and the spirit became very angry because now the water, which he loved so much, was above the earth. And the rocks of the earth were inside it. So the evil spirit slaughtered the god. Immediately after the great being which ruled over all sent an asteroid at the earth. The asteroid destroyed the evil spirit and created the land on which we now stand. All the body parts of the god became something in the world.

His Leg’s became the vegetation. His ears the many sea creatures. His hair became the insects. His blood flowed to the sea feeding the creatures and created the many rivers. His arms created the humans. And from the rest of his corpse, emerged the many air and land creatures.

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