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Josh Pollard
Block 7
The experience started with the turn of Davids sun glinting key. Instantly the soothing
hum of his silver streaked car occupied my ears, but only for an instant as the harsh clicking of
the transmission filled the air only reassuring me that we were well on our way to The Pageant to
see Modest Mouse. I could only help but feel instant Euphoria at the thought of going to a
Modest Mouse concert.

As our shadow skipped across the earth the winding motion that over came my body only
confirmed my suspicions that we were on 64. The vast Blue ocean outside our car soon morphed
into dark shades of red, purple, and orange. Conversations between me, David, Emily, Harmon,
Herman, Russle, and Caleb filled the air like laughing gas, everyone was caught up in intense
laughter. In the background harmonious noise flowed from the speakers like never ending

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From inside the car we were totally oblivious to time outside the car for conversation had
become a sort of time machine making time no longer seem apparent. Speed turned the car into a
sailboat diping across the black river that seemed to guide us were ever our hearts pleased. I
could not help but notice the numbers next to the St. Louis on the forest green signs dwindling in
size as we passed each consecutive sign and with every new sign and lower number the higher
my anticipation increased.
I was finally able to put my feet on the gravel without the soles of my shoes being ripped
off. The moment I touched the ground an intense pain scorched though my body like a wildfire.

The pain originated in my stomach so I knew of only one cure, as well as Harmon and Emily. So
like lions hunting lamb we set out for the cure.

The ringing of the doorbell subsided my devilish pains as the smell of fried chicken
drifted in and out of my nostrils. My chicken sandwich lay there with a thin stream of steam
hovering over it like some sort of UFO. I tore into the sandwich like a shark would do to a tuna,
and with the first bite an explosion of euphoria went off ringing every bell in my brain like a
pesky cherry knocker.

With the soft swoosh of my churchs chicken rapper landing in the waste , we set out on a
journey to find our friends. Our friends gleaming faces came slowly into view as they waited in
line. We joined our friends in line for what seemed like hours eagerly awaiting The Pageants
mouth to engulf us into its euphoric abyss. The doors crept open and like a rainbow dotted snake
the line slivered sluggishly into The Pageant.
We slid into the pit greeted by an array of Emo teenagers, soon after the first band love as
laughter, delivered soothing sounds making the crowd become like a storage of bobble heads.

The noise from love as laughter soon made me empty only wanting to be filled by music from
Man Man and Modest Mouse. As if my prayer was heard by a musical god, Man Man came onto
stage and like a lion newly released from the cage they played music that made the crowd go
crazy like a violently boiling pot of water. As Man Man skipped from song to song like a well
made play list the whole crowd became like a bag of Mexican jumping beans. Then from no
were Man Man switched to their most intense song, Black Mission Goggles, the crowed
exploded with movement like a nuclear warhead.
The pit which seemed like a war zone, subsided as Man Man vanished from stage leaving
only a faint cloud of cigaret smoke. Roaring cheers came from nowhere begging for one thing,
Modest Mouse. Modest Mouse like a mouse sneaked on to stage smoking cigarets leisurely.

Soft sounds come from the speakers, at the same time a light show mimicking that of the
aura borealis drenched my eyes connecting me to every sweat drenched person that occupied the
space around me. The crowd no longer composed of indivuals became a sea rifling in the breeze.

Modest Mouse played and the crowd began to share one pulse sending vibrations though every
person just enough to make you feel like you were falling but never fall. We were so close that
every shared the same smell of sweat and smoke.

I began to go on a emotional downhill hike as modest mouse exited stage as if they never
existed there at all. My emotional roller coaster began to slow to that of normal on the coast
back to Mt. Vernon, as if the world had come to a end I hit my bed with a loud thunk I was
overcome by a dark haze as my thoughts slowly drifted from conscious reconiton, but one
thought made the cut and it was The experience has ended.


I'm Charlotte

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