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Ernest Hemingway

.. ine on the slide before the water the whole experiment would be ruined. We had to be very specific in our descriptions, such as exactly what we used and then how we used it, etc. In my Spanish class, writing is very important. Not only do we have to know how to speak in Spanish, but we also have to know how to write in Spanish.

We have to know how to properly spell things and also know how to punctuate properly in Spanish. We have to use the right process, which can be very different from English. Many things in Spanish are backwards compared to the way we write in English. There are some words that are spelled exactly the same way but mean two totally different things, all because of an accent mark. This makes it very difficult to write in the Spanish language.

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The evidence which I have provided is a little book that we wrote in Spanish that shows all the proper writing techniques that I have learned to use. The ability to be able to read and write Spanish will give me many advantages and opportunities in the real world. I believe English is the most important class when it comes to the development of my writing skills. In my English class we write from almost every aspect possible, which has brought me to a new level in both thinking and writing. We have looked at other authors styles and imitated their style.

We have made our own styles and written in almost every style heard of. Using the proper writing strategy is incredibly important. To be honest, the proper writing strategies are a pain in the butt, but they are for my own good. The hard and correct work pays off in the end when I am happy with the work that I have turned in. In English, we have set guidelines that we must follow, and certain strategies that are expected of us. Our teacher does not necessarily require a pre-write, it is never collected. Yet it is expected that we do it anyways.

I am glad I did it though, when I sit down and write a quality essay the first time I write it. I have a quality essay because I am prepared and organized and have both good ideas and bad ones to distinguish what I want to use. Using the proper process is also an important part of writing in English class. We do things, such as have another peer edit our paper and give their opinion of what is good and what is not good about our paper. Then we correct what is needed and do a self-edit, where we carefully go through reading our own papers and critiquing them.

Once each process is done I have a paper that has been read by others and changed some of the things they felt degraded the quality of the writing. By the time the entire process is done, I have a paper that has been read and re-written many times to become what I believe is the best quality paper I could have. An excellent example of this process is the summer reading essay that I wrote quite a few times and turned in what I believe to be a quality essay. Another important part of writing in English is the different aspects of writing. We as a class look at all different types of writing, such as a narrative style work and romantic style works.

My romantic literature evaluation is an excellent example. In this portfolio piece I evaluated a piece of romantic literature and discussed why it fit into the classification of a romantic literature. Then we would use the same style to write an original piece using the proper writing strategies and process. It is also very important to be very descriptive. One thing we have really worked hard on this semester, is being concise.

I know I have to be concise and hammer the point home but not go on forever making aimless arguments and being repetitive. I believe my skill of writing has vastly improved thanks to these three classes and will become very important in the future. As I mentioned before, the SAT is very important when applying for a college and another big part of the test is writing skills. I realize I still have at least two more years of English classes, and my writing now is not nearly as good as it is going to be. There is always room for improvement, especially in such a diverse subject as English. Listening is a very important part in almost any learning or career environment.

When you are in school, regardless of what class it is, you will have to listen to an instructor and apply what they tell you. I believe the skill of listening and speaking becomes a large part in all six of my classes: English II honors, Keyboarding I, Spanish III, IMC III, Biology and Advanced football. In football, it is very important that we listen to Coach in the weight room, so that we learn the proper techniques. That way we get the most out of our workouts and do not injure ourselves. We have to apply the correct ways that we have been taught when we are working out.

Speaking is also especially important in advanced football. When lifting, it is very important that we communicate, get a spotter, and let them know when you cant take any more and need help. It is very important, because if we do not communicate we could very easily get injured. The second class that shows the skill of Listening and speaking is Spanish II. It is exceptionally important not only that we listen to “la profesora” (the teacher), but that we also take notes. Note taking is a very important strategy in Spanish II because when the teacher is explaining a new concept it will not be memorized so it is very important that I listen and take notes to go back to at a later date.

In Spanish, we also have to present certain projects that we do, and we are graded on how well we speak and comprehend the Spanish language. The little book that I have placed in my portfolio from my Spanish class is an excellent example of a presentation. When I completed the “libro” (book) I had to go up in front of the class and present the book, speaking only Spanish. That is when I had to apply all the concepts I had learned and use them to speak. In math it is very vital that I listen to the instructor and take notes about the concepts that are being taught.

I have learned that listening is incredibly valuable in math, because once someone becomes lost and does not understand a concept they will not understand anything until they understand the first concept. Math is like building blocks, in order to build higher there must be a base. And in order to further knowledge in math you must first understand everything before it. This is why the skill of listening is so important in my IMC III class. The next class which I believe shows the skill of listening is keyboarding I. In keyboarding, it is very important to listen to the teacher so that you understand what is expected in certain assignments.

It is also important to listen during the timing test. The teacher very quickly reads of a series of predetermined letters in no order, and as the student, I have to be able to listen and type as quickly as possible and keep up. If I do not listen, then I will become lost and completely fail the test. I have provided an example of a typing test in my portfolio as the piece of work from my keyboarding class. Biology is a very important class when it comes to using the skill of listening.

One of the most important reasons is safety. In a lab such as the one I have placed in my portfolio, we deal with many things that could cause some dangerous problems. When the teacher is explaining a specific way and order we are to do something, it very important that we listen. When the teacher releases us to our lab, it is obvious who was listening and who was not. When it comes time to doing the lab and something has to be done in a certain order for it to work those students who were listening can not properly apply what they heard. And all the lab objectives are down the drain.

Those students who were not listening do not follow the right procedure and end up with some very negative results, such as unnecessary injuries. I also realize that I am not the perfect student but I always listen and apply myself so that way I dont make any safety mistakes. Listening and speaking are a very important parts of English, just as reading and writing are. Taking notes is a big strategy that has been very helpful in English. It is very important to listen in English so that I pick up on everything that is being discussed.

Listening and taking notes is really for my own benefit, so that I learn from other people. It is also important to listen when the teacher is explaining something new to me. It is once again to my own benefit because I will end up applying that new strategy in one of my papers down the road. It is also important to listen in the class discussions so that I see other peoples view points and I am able to speak and express myself to the rest of the class. The skill of speaking is shown by participating in class discussions.

I apply what I have learned and comprehended from my skill of reading to express my view upon the literature. Speaking also comes into play in English when we had to make a speech in front of the class about “Americas role for the next century.” While this evidence is not included in my portfolio, it also shows the skill of writing, but now it is being put into words in front of the whole class. My skills of listening and speaking have shown much improvement this semester, but I feel that there is still improvement to be made in both. I feel I need to put more effort in the speaking aspect. I will do this by taking notes during the discussions and asking more questions. I feel I need to become more involved in class discussions. The skill of listening and speaking will always be needed, from college to a career to everyday life. Listening and speaking are the basics to communication, which is very important in the real world outside of school.

On the job it is very important that you are able to communicate with your boss and fellow employees. This can often be difficult with some people, but it is necessary that you attempt to listen and talk to them and apply what they tell you. It is also important to express your problems and how you feel. I believe that to succeed in todays world the three skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are necessary. I believe that the lack of these skills is what eventually drives people to do some extreme things.

It is because they are unhappy with their lives somewhere something was missing. Without all three of these skills, it is very difficult to go out into the real world that is filled with so much competition. Some people just dont cut it because they lack the education. Sure, there are special cases, there are some people that can never be helped. But I feel with the proper education, there are so many doors and opportunities that there is no reason to feel that life is not worth living. I believe I am an excellent example, for the skills I showed in this essay have already opened a world of opportunities for me.

I can now communicate with my grandma in Spanish, I can turn in what I believe to be quality work and receive high grades, which will be useful for my future. I believe the most basic and important skills are reading, writing, listening and speaking. These are some of the most important skills in order to a get a good job, a good education and essentially a happy and pleasing life.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois. His father was the owner of a prosperous real estate business. His father, Dr. Hemingway, imparted to Ernest the importance of appearances, especially in public. Dr. Hemingway invented surgical forceps for which he would not accept money. He believed that one should not profit from something important for the good of mankind. Ernest’s father, a man of high ideals, was very strict and censored the books he allowed his children to read. He forbad Ernest’s sister from studying ballet for it was coeducational, and dancing together led to “hell and damnation”. Grace Hall Hemingway, Ernest’s mother, considered herself pure and proper. She was a dreamer who was upset at anything which disturbed her perception of the world as beautiful. She hated dirty diapers, upset stomachs, and cleaning house; they were not fit for a lady. She taught her children to always act with decorum. She adored the singing of the birds and the smell of flowers. Her children were expected to behave properly and to please her, always. Mrs. Hemingway treated Ernest, when he was a small boy; as if he were a female baby doll and she dressed him accordingly. This arrangement was all right until Ernest got to the age when he wanted to be a “gun-toting Pawnee Bill”. He began, at that time, to pull away from his mother, and never forgave her for his humiliation. The town of Oak Park, where Ernest grew up, was very old fashioned and quite religious. The townspeople forbad the word “virgin” from appearing in schoolbooks, and the word “breast” was questioned, though it appeared in the Bible. Ernest loved to fish, canoe and explore the woods. When he couldn’t get outside, he escaped to his room and read books. He loved to tell stories to his classmates, often insisting that a friend listen to one of his stories. In spite of his mother’s desire, he played on the football team at Oak Park High School. As a student, Ernest was a perfectionist about his grammar and studied English with a fervor. He contributed articles to the weekly school newspaper. It seems that the principal did not approve of Ernest’s writings and he complained, often, about the content of Ernest’s
articles. Ernest was clear about his writing; he wanted people to “see and feel” and he wanted to enjoy himself while writing. Ernest loved having fun. If nothing was happening, mischievous Ernest made something happen. He would sometimes use forbidden words just to create a ruckus. Ernest, though wild and crazy, was a warm, caring individual. He loved the sea, mountains and the stars and hated anyone who he saw as a phony. During World War I, Ernest, rejected from service because of a bad left eye, was an ambulance driver, in Italy, for the Red Cross. Very much like the hero of A Farewell to Arms, Ernest is shot in his knee and recuperates in a hospital, tended by a caring nurse named Agnes. Like Frederick Henry, in the book, he fell in love with the nurse and was given a medal for his heroism. Ernest returned home after the war, rejected by the nurse with whom he fell in love. He would party late into the night and invite, to his house, people his parents disapproved of. Ernest’s mother rejected him and he felt that he had to move from home. He moved in with a friend living in Chicago and he wrote articles for The Toronto Star. In Chicago he met and then married Hadley Richardson. She believed that he should spend all his time in writing, and bought him a typewriter for his birthday. They decided that the best place for a writer to live was Paris, where he
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