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End Of The World As Told In The New Testament

End Of The World As Told In The New Testament Well to start off I would like to say what the three different views that there are. The first view is “Already Fulfilled” is basically saying that all of the signs of the end have all happened before the years 70 A.D. The second view is “Partially Fulfilled” which says that some of these events already happened in 70 A.D. and some of them will still happen in the future. The last belief is the “Not Yet Fulfilled” view, which says that all of these things will happen in the end of times.

The belief that I believe in is the “Not Yet Fulfilled” view. Here are some reasons in which I hold this view. As it is stated in Matthew 24:34, it says that “..all these things will not happen until this generation passes away..”. I feel that this passage had to have been talking about the people of that time. That is one base on which I hold this belief, because that, possibly, some of the “end of times events” have happened, but NOT ALL.

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If they would have all occurred at that time I would probably hold a different view. I really don’t ever recall reading in the Bible about any natural disasters, other than the Flood. That is one point that really sticks out to me that really makes me believe this view, especially in the increase lately in all of the natural disasters happening. When Jesus comes down in the second coming, I feel that all nations will mourn, just like others have done when they learn of their wrongs. It is then in which all Christians will go up Heaven and begin to reign up there, at which at the same time down on Earth will be the great war, Armageddon.

I do not know if this will be the time in which the Sun, Moon, and Stars will all fall and turn to darkness. Well, we really will not know what the true belief is until the end of the world. There has been many intense discussions between scholars, but if they are Christians they will find out in the end, in which it really does not matter what view is correct.


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