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Employment discrimination happens when an employee is treated unfavorably because of their race

Employment discrimination happens when an employee is treated unfavorably because of their race, sex, skin color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, or age when hiring or in the workplace. It is illegal and government must take affirmative action to guarantee equal employment opportunity without regard to these factors. Besides that, it has a psychological impact and hurts the worker morale, the culture, and environment that can make a result in depression and anxiety. In this way, it will reduces the employee morale, job satisfaction, and increase their work stress that can kills the productivity of employee in a company.
Mostly workplace discrimination affects the minority groups such as the females, blacks, the disabled, the obese and other minority groups who frequently become the target. Companies must focus on creating a culture that fosters cooperation that can be considered as the foundation or the basic step to create an environment of non discrimination. Better environment can creates better reputation, higher efficiency and reduced costs of the company. Create employees satisfaction can make them stay longer and be able to perform better in a company.
Workplace discrimination can affect the company effectiveness, such as an employee who receives the discrimination is more likely less committed, leave the business and increasing the turnover levels that might probably losing the competent and skills employee. Besides that recruiting and training of the replacements will costly to the company and finally affects the productivity. After that it will constantly affect to the reputation which is the employee who leave the company will complain to their family and friends that can make them who hear that will consider applying their resumes. Because the jobseekers will research the company before applying, is the company facing the several workplace discrimination lawsuit or not, and that can make a chilling effect to the company to your recruiting process because the top or high skilled jobseekers will find another company that doesn’t have the workplace discrimination.
As example a reputable company violated its own principles of ethical and ethical behavior in relation to the 4 employees who filed the lawsuit. The first one is Steward who was having stage 4 lung cancer over a period of several years and he passed over the promotions from the company because of his cancer. Even though he was well qualified, experientially, educationally holding on MBA, and also contribute a lot for the company but it doesn’t make the company give the promotions to him also. Steward receives a treat of individual differently in the workplace because of his disability and the company also says no matter how hard he worked, he would never be promoted.
The second one is Dave, who is Caucasian male in his 60s walks into the manager office to ask about his day off, but at that time the company are facing hard time situation which make the manager overstressed. The manager emotionally loud tirade directly to Dave and says because of his age that can’t move faster in doing his job and don’t have the computer skills as the manager needs. At the end Dave leaves the manager office and never asked again about his day off, instead he walks out saying he quits. Then he finds the attorney saying that he was discriminated against because of his age and skill level, forced into quitting after an emotionally distressing situation.
The third one is Jane, a dispatch supervisor discovers that male dispatch supervisors are on a higher salary and receive greater benefits than she does. Jane facing a gender discrimination which is same qualifications, responsibility, and position but receives different salary and this are forbidden to discriminate on the basis of gender.


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