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Emotions Well in the past it was first thought by a man named Tomkins that emotion actually interfered with basic human drives, like lust and fear. It is known that humans by nature become stimulated by certain variables like a loud noise or possibly the sight of a spider. The question to scientists is whether or not emotion and mood is formed through mind processes or biologically innate traits. Scientists are searching the brain for a particular area that stimulates emotion in humans. They have changed their idea that it might be the hippocampus and now feel that part of it may come from the amygdala.

Supposedly when something known by our senses comes in interaction with us, an impulse is sent to this amygdala and it sends another impulse to our cortex. We either form a positive or negative response to what we see, hear, taste, or touch. It seems more logical for a particular region of our brain to create this feedback, than for some biological cause. I guess that means that we are born with these conceptions if you are thinking from a biological standpoint. It makes sense that a person can be trained from watching a particular response from another human being.

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If they dont see that something is supposed to be scary than they wont fret when they come in contact with this catalyst. The mind basically tells the body how to react to a specific stimulus by processing it through the brain. We experience certain emotions from engaging in positive and negative actions throughout life so when stimulated again we know how to react. While for something like lust, it is something that is in fact biological in nature, because as humans we are born with these hormones that effect us. There is so much to learn about emotions; it is hard to determine where all of them come from. It seems like some are innate to humans while some are learned through life.

And is important that people and animals have certain emotions for such things as survival and reproduction. It is important that we are in touch with these emotions so we can evolve.


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