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Effects Of Tv On Society

Effects Of Tv On Society How many would believe the common television is a major building block of our present society? Yes, the very T.V. in your bedroom is one of the many influences that built and is building our society at this very moment. Through its’ many commercials, sitcoms, and movies, they lay thick layers of influences on the average individual. The introduction of the television into the America forever effected the society, and still effects the society at our present time. The television reached labratory perfection in the 1930’s, but it did not reach the market until 1945, just after WWII. The introduction of television made an enormous impact, some even claimed it was The Birth of the Information Age.

It opened the doors for the many branches of marketing, news and entertainment. Thousands of advertisment agencies saw the potential and envisioned the T.V. being the ultimate tool in raking in the capital. The media imagined a nationwide network being able to reach into the homes of every individual in the U.S., bringing ground-breaking news and events to every television across the nation simutaneously. The enertainment industry would take off and soar to uncomparable heights. Enertainment would be revoulutionized through huge strides, with endless movies, sitcoms, and talk shows.

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The television quickly began to alter the hard working and ever so changing America into a mindless society completely devoid to the sense of right and wrong. Soon after the television made its way in to the homes of America, things began to change. The past nights spent with the family, gathered around the radio listening to the next installment of your favorite series quickly became accompanied with visions. Thus television – with its’ gifts of paralysis along with the symbiant creature, the notorious couch potato became the newest thing, causing anti-social behaviors. That one assumes a ‘vegetable’ state in a trance-like manner, pushing thier responsibilities aside. From the television, viewers are exposed to the ideas and influences proposed and applied by the endless commercials, movies, and shows, and when ended, leaving thier mind’s imagination shocked and wondering the possibilities.

The influences give all sorts of ideas and plots, bringing to light new problems and inefficiencies, such as eating to much, envying the celebrated, coveting merchandise, lusting after images, angry at the news and then being perversly proud of what distance we may enjoy between the couch and what appears on the screen. Children went from being raised with the innocence of oven-warm cookies and milk and playful puppies to the incident when a five year old in Ohio burned down his trailer, killing his sister, inspired by the cartoon animation Beavis and Butt-head. On the present scale of things, that incident is not only old but not as shocking as present problems. What is it in the crepuscular blue-gray cathode glow that we have spawned affectless toadstools, thieves, and cannabalistic rapist-killers? The influences layed upon the common viewer are unbelievable, through an endless barrage of shows, movies, and news our morals and beliefs are attacked and weakened. Weakened to such an extent that we become amused with public displays of moral and psychological decay, for example the now, nation renowned talk show: The Jerry Springer show.

Appealing to the lowest levels of society and steadily recruiting fans from the educated and prestigious. A show in which the bizarre and the perverted are the case, where children take in appalling and twisted themes for a reality, ( For say, The 600lb. Lady or My Girlfriend is Cheating on Me with My Mother.) and not to mention the all to frequent acts of violence. An older brother coming home with little sisters watching this show creates no other feelings but disappointment and disgust. The television is hardly regulated, thus many influences began to pour upon society and fuse into the slow process of change which resulted in the characteristics of our present day society. The television took America from an organized and uniform nationwide wavelength, and transformed it into a choatic disarray of new thoughts, philosophies and people of diversity.

The majority of them are more questionable. The statistics on telvision in the average Americans’ life is shocking to some and believable to most. To share just a few should make a strong point. For instance, the percentage of U.S. household with at least one T.V.

is 98%, the percent of children between 2-5 with T.V.’s in thier room are 25%, and the most shocking is the percentage of 4-6 year olds who, when asked to choose between watching T.V. and spending time with thier fathers, chose television 54%! It is a sad world when children have thier own T.V.’s at the ages of 2-5 in the first place. Children who never learn to understand and remember language without the pictures and cinema along with the material are going to have trouble when they have to listen to a teacher or author of a textbook. They look around the meaning rather than creating it inside thier own heads. According to Dr.

Jerre Levy, a biopsychologist at the University of Chicago and an internationally known authority in hemispheric development, When children commit time looking at TV, they’re not spending time reading. When a child reads a novel, he has to self-create whole scenarios, he has to create images of who these people are, what their emotions are, what their tones of voice are, what the environment looks like, what the feeling of this environment is. These self- created scenarios are important, and television leaves no room for that creative process…Brains are designed to meet cognitive challenges. It’s just like muscles, if you don’t excercise they wither. If you don’t excercise brains, they wither. It’s both astonishing and painful that TV has such an effect on our lives. The typical American youth spends time 1,500 hours watching TV, per year.

While the same youth gets about only 900 hours of school, per year. The fact that schools have to compete with television to educate Americas’ youth should be shameful to America itself. Children should be taught by educated graduates of universities rather than the corrupting television filled with scandals, drugs, violence, sex, and unguided themes and ideas. Although those issues can be learned in school, they are given in a much better light and have reason, as well as clearly stating the consequences of those actions. So the next time you are bored out of your mind, and decide to watch TV, DON’T! Could you imagine how much TV an individual would, on average, one would watch in a lifetime if every year he/she watches 1,500 hours a year. That is alot of TV! So instead of zoning out into a world of commercials and perversion, do something more creative, stand out be unique amongst the rest of America.

Expand your mind rather than fill it with trash that will never contribute to bettering humanity as a whole only diminish it. Even if you don’t win a nobel prize or some prestigious award, you yourself will have the confidence and pride for being more intelligent than someone who has seen every Jerry Springer show since it’s premiere! Movies and Cinema Essays.


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