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Effectiveness I consider my ability to communicate verbally to be just okay. There are a few reasons why I would evaluate myself this way. One is that I have a tendency to mumble. It is possible that I mumble because I try to talk too fast. I do not know why I try to talk so fast.

I realize that I have this problem and when I carry on a conversation I try to slow my speech down so that it can be understood. Another problem that I have with communicating is that I talk soft or quietly. I try to speak loud enough for people to understand what I am saying. When I start talking really fast and quiet whom ever I am talking with will ask me to repeat myself, and it bugs me. I would like to perfect my speaking voice. I feel I can communicate well with other people because when I speak people tend to listen what I say. When the person I am talking to speaks to me I give them my attention in return.

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I feel that if a conversation lacks the attention of one of the people communicating then there is no real communication going on. I feel that I do a good job of keeping peoples attention when I speak that is, unless I am mumbling. There is more to communicating then just the speech part. The ability to listen plays almost as big a role as the verbal part. I feel I am an excellent listener and that helps out my communication skills.

I am sure that my listening skills could use fine-tuning, but that is also a reason that I am in this class. My occupation goal is to be a psychiatrist so my listening skills need to be superb. These are the reasons that I feel that I can communicate okay. I would like to work on my ability to communicate better. I feel that my communication skills should be excellent.

I am sure there are many ways in which my communication skills could be adjusted that I am not aware of and hopefully by the end of this class they will be brought to my attention.


I'm Charlotte

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