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Eco Tourism In Costa Rica

Eco Tourism In Costa Rica The Republic of Costa Rica is in the midst of a dramatic transition from a small, Central American nation known for its bananas and good coffee into a gateway for international commerce between Latin America and the rest of the world and a well traveled, if not over traveled, tourist destination–and rightfully so. Costa Rica is a highly attractive country filled with beautiful mountain ranges, undisturbed beaches and friendly natives or Ticos. In addition, Costa Rica offers a highly educated work force, a stable economic and political environment, and exceptional communications and transportation networks–especially in comparison to its neighbors, Panama and Nicaragua. All of these national characteristics, and others, have been fueling a movement of multi-national companies, American retirees and tourists from around the world into Costa Rica, in order to benefit from these treasures. One may adequately predict that Costa Rica, specifically the capital city of San Jose and the coastal regions on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, have the potential of becoming the Silicon Valley and Ft. Lauderdale of Central America.

That is to say, the major U.S. and European firms in the personal computer and software industries, along with retirees and tourists, will continue this trend of moving into Costa Rica for the next twenty five years and maybe more. This trend and its longevity present geographers, environmentalists, politicians and economists with a seemingly insurmountable task of preventing the destruction of Costa Ricas environment, culture, society and natural.

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