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Eastern Djibouti

Eastern Djibouti The country of Eastern Djibouti is located in eastern sub-Saharan Africa near the countries of Ethiopia and Sudan. The government of this nation takes after that of World War II Italy in that it is a fascist dictatorship. Eastern Djibouti is led by the militarys top official, General Ryan Schutte. The economic situation in this country is bleak. Large businesses bribe the corrupt government in order to keep their share of the market.

There are only two classes of people in this country: the extremely rich and the very poor. The poor are mostly farm or factory workers who earn barely enough survive. Civil war is a constant threat although it has never happened due to the governments overpowering military strength. Many who oppose the government have been executed in the effort to bring the general to power. Citizens of Eastern Djibouti live in constant fear, and therefore are kept under control. Needless to say Eastern Djibouti is not a country in which I would like to live. The government caters only to the very rich and has no systems in place to help those who have no money. I dont believe a country like this is realistic in todays society because other nations would step in before the situation became this bad.

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I chose fascism for the economic system because it is fairly uncomplicated compared to socialism, which would require a large government to keep track of its people. I dont think a country like this would last long before the leader was either assassinated or overthrown for a less corrupt and cruel system. Bibliography none.


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