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Dragons For years, dragons have been part of our society. They express this in many ways. Throughout history dragons have performed amazing tasks from saving small children’s lives to wrecking phenomenons. Because of this, dragons make incredible housepets. Although dragons can be a fire hazard, dragons make good housepets because they can serve as many uses and they are inexpensive to maintain. Dragons are a fire hazards is the argument of many.

They have been the reason for the start of many fires. In 1989, The Red Wood Forest burnt down because of the carelessness of an outraged dragon. The loss of America’s largest natural phenomenon was due to a dragon. This clearly states that dragons are a fire hazard. Dr.

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Steven Ossafat, the head of the Organization of Determining Fires, has declared that “dragons are the cause of 30 percent of Americas fires”. The O.D.F. considers the purchase of a dragon plain stupidity. However, dragons should be acknowledged as good housepets because they are very useful. Dragons are very useful to lift heavy objects.

They are the strongest animals on earth. Dragons have been known to be great help for moving families and incredible help for the elderly. Forty percent of dragon owners are considered to be at an elderly age, and find dragons quite helpful in their last years. Ninety five percent of those people wish they had a pet dragon to grow up with. Dragons also are very helpful when it comes to lighting fireplaces or barbecues.

Many have spent a meaningless 15 minutes on trying to find matches, with a pet dragon there’s no reason to waste time. Just let the pet dragon breath on the barbie. Pet dragons have also been known as wonderful watch animals. In a recent survey, dragons were preferred two out of three for protection rather than a trained watch-dog. In 1990, a three year old girl was saved from a kidnap, in her home, by her pet dragon. Also ragons are great for children. They’re very soft, kind animals that serve as a great jungle gym for the back yard.

If one purchases a flying dragon then he can serve as personal transportation. Using dragons for traveling would also cut down on the pollution of the environment. So, as one can see the uses of a dragon are countless. Finally, a dragon makes a good housepet because they are very cheap to maintain. Most housepets eat twice a day.

While a dragon can only eat once a day or they’ll get extremely sickly. They have sensitive digestive tracks and small stomaches, which makes it easy to fill them. They are herbivores, which is fortunate because one doesn’t need to pay for meat. Their nutritional values are very similar to a horses. They eat a lot of grass, hay, and carrots. Dragons are also very independent.

They are very intelligent. Many people enjoy having dragons as housepets because they are born housebroken. They have natural instincts that don’t allow them to ruin their shelter. So, dragons are great housepets because accidents don’t happen on the new carpet. Because they are so big, dragons don’t go to the vet very often.

They very rarely get hit by cars, need shots, or get neutered. Dragons don’t get neutered because they are hermaphrodites. Dragons are rated “the cheapest housepet n the United States”, by Time magazine, which makes many want to buy them. Dragons are the perfect housepet for many reasons. They have many uses and are cheap to maintain.

Dragons are a nice animal to have around because of all the help it can accomplish. These uses makes the dragon part of our growing society.


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