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Do Bacteria Effect The Rate Of Oxidation

Do Bacteria Effect The Rate Of Oxidation? Do Bacteria Effect the Rate of Oxidation? Microbiology . Signature of Sponsoring Teacher . Signature of School Administrator Albron Hana 6630 N. Whipple Chicago, IL 60645 Mather High School Grade 10 Acknowledgments During the days that I have been working on my project, I believe that my father should receive a little credit because if it were not for him, I would have been able to get the supplies needed to complete my project. Purpose and Hypothesis The reason I am conducting this experiment is to find out if a bacterium effects the rate of oxidation on metals. If a piece of metal is cleansed before being placed outside, will the rate of oxidation be retarded, or will it stay the same? The environment for both the control and the variable will not differ, and the time the metals will be left outside, are to be exactly the same. I believe that the outcome of this experiment will be that bacteria do not affect the rate of oxidation.

I believe that even if there would only be .01% of bacteria left on the metal, the rate would not be affected. Materials & Methods Of Procedure 2 steel nails 2 glass jars 1 bottle of bacteria killing soap Science.

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