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Detroit Tiger Stadium

Detroit Tiger Stadium Cisco Garcia September 29, 1999 Speech Outline I. Introduction A. How many of us love going to watch a live baseball game? 1. Well I know I do and being able to sit next to the field and eat hotdogs and popcorn, and think of all the tradition and great players that have come and gone for that team is what baseball is all about. 2. And with Detroit tiger stadium closing, we are losing a link to the past, of the game we all love.

B. If Fenway park, which opened up on the same day as baseballs shrine, Tiger Stadium is the home we all grew up in or wish we did. 1. And in this speech I would like to tell you a little something about the park that so many people loved. 2.

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I would like to tell you the history behind Detroit Tiger Stadium, and why it has provided years of entertainment and memories for their great fans. II. For more than 100 years, the corner of Michigan and tremble just outside of downtown Detroit has been synonymous with Tigers baseball. A. On April 28, 1896, baseball was first played on the site that was once Tiger Stadium, making it the oldest home to pro baseball in the world.

B. Built on the site of Bennett Park by Tiger president Frank Navin, the park was called Navin Field until 1938 and the Briggs Stadium until 1961 before receiving its present days name. III. But how can a ballpark hold such strong emotional bond with the fans who went there on a regular basis for nearly a century? A. Well to fans, the place where they grew up watching it is like a shrine, no matter how old and outdated, to them it is still the most beautiful place to watch baseball. B.

Tiger stadium offered what was the greatest seats in baseball. 1. Fans feel they right on the field, a feeling that can never be duplicated the same as Tiger Stadium. III. Some of the greatest players played at tiger stadium.

A. From Ty Cobb to Ken Griffey Jr., but also Joe Lewis fought there and the Lions won two NFL Title games there as well, and Bart Starr being sacked 11 times. B. Hank Greenberg hitting 2 homeruns, the end of Lou Gehrig Ironman streak, Babe Ruths 700 homerun. C. And on July 13, 1971 Reggie Jackson hit the stadiums most famous home run, said to be one of his longest in his career.

IV. Video V. Conclusion A. Now that Tiger Stadium is closed, the new Comerica Park is set to be opened on opening day of 2000. New stadiums are not built with character, they acquire it, and Comerica park has a tough act to follow. B.

Tiger stadium offer was full of history and is the oldest home to pro baseball in the world. It offered fans great seats and a great memory to the game we all love. It offered great entertainment and memories that fans can remember forever. C. And going to Detroit to Tiger Stadium was more than seeing a baseball game, it was learning how the world worked. Bibliography 1.

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