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Destroying a life

Everyone can witness a miracle at least once in his or her life. It is a miracle
which a man and woman can create. Unfortunately, many decide on a drastic choice to
kill someone they should bring into the world. Abortion is a decision made constantly
among pregnant adults and teens. A few reasons why abortions are so popular are the pre-marital sex leading to pregnancy, couples that don’t want the baby, irresponsible people.

What many women don’t know is that abortion has many risks. Women in their
first pregnancy who decide to have an abortion have a high risk of getting breast cancer.
Studies at the National University of Wyoming have shown twenty percent to twenty-seven percent seeking abortion have a chlamydeous infection. Chlamydeous is a sexually transmitted disease that is a vaginal discharge that irritates and burns when urinating. At the time of an abortion, a girl can get an infection, have excessive bleeding, ripping of the uterus and a cervical injury. Many of these complications are considered life threatening. Not only can women abort and kill the baby, but they can have a chance of facing death as well. According to the North California research and Development Clinic, “Abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States.”
An abortion can impact a life forever. It can impact the mother’s life or the baby’s life. A fetus is considered to be human. Shortly after conception, the DNA is already forming a unique human . At eight weeks into the pregnancy, the baby’s heart is beating steadily and every organ is present. At eight and a half weeks, visual proof of the baby’s fingerprints are being imprinted. Having a child requires more
maturity than it does to have an abortion. The unborn baby has a right to a mother instead
of being killed before witnessing the world.
It shocks me that older and more mature women have abortions. It surprises me
even more that teenagers have abortions. Teenage abortion is allowed in over twenty
states without the permission of one’s legal guardian. Teenagers may start to take sex
lightly knowing that abortion is always a choice if the girl gets pregnant. Because of their
responsibilities, they’re making another life inside their very own body pay for their
mistakes. Teenagers will continuously remind themselves if ever they get an unexpected
pregnancy, they can always consider having an abortion. If teenagers, as well as older
women, have abortions, destroy the way the body functions. When women decide to have
and keep a baby after an abortion, a handicapped newborn with complications may be
born because of one’s previous choices.
A way to stop abortion is holding off sex. Abortion can cause a woman to have
infections, diseases, and complications when they want to have a baby. Don’t abort a
human being. Instead, have the baby and learn from your mistakes and take care of it. Or,
put the baby up for adoption and allow another family to hold a miracle. Abortion kills an
innocent life and cannot be undone. To not look at complex implications beyond the
womb is truly irresponsible and absurd. Do not make abortion one of your choices if you
are pregnant. Take it as a responsibility and a blessing. Think before having an abortion.
It will save you the guilt and pain later on in life. Who should be punished? Should it be
the parents or the baby.

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