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Decisions And Expectations

Decisions And Expectations Decisions and Expectations Last summer my good friend Greg came to me and asked if I would like to work with his father for the weekend. I said, Sure, I really need some money, but what do I have to do? He told me I would just have to hand out some flyers at a local car race. Well, the fact that I like cars was alone enough to make me want the job, but the work also sounded very easy. By the weekend, my friend Greg had round up five of his friends and I had round up five of my friends. I thought to myself that this is going to be one fun weekend. The night before we left to go to the car race we had a meeting at Gregs dads house.

All of my friends met to discuss what would be required for the job. His dad said to the group, You guys will get paid well, as long as you work hard! Some of the guys laughed, and some took him seriously. His father then began to explain to us that we would have to unload a truck full of flyers at 4:00 in the morning, have them packed-up by 6:00, and then have to hand them out until 3:00 in the afternoon. The day sounded long, but all of friends figured it would be worth the money. After the meeting ended, a couple of my friends were sitting around talking. My friend Joe had an idea.

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He said, Lets go out partying, and well just stay up all night. I replied, Ill see you later, Im going to get some sleep. But Joe and a couple other of my friends did go out partying all night. Needless to say, they were exhausted the next day. When we arrived early the next morning all of my friends began to realize that this wasnt going to be a weekend of fun and games. The work was very tiring, especially for those who had gone out all night. My friends were already starting to complain and the sun hadnt even come up.

That was when I was glad that I had chosen not to go out the night before. I was doing fine lifting boxes, while my friends could barely move a muscle. Later on that day, my friend Greg came around to tell us that there was a person who would be coming around all day, to see if we are working. Well, I had figured that, but my other friends hadnt. They thought they would be able to sit back and fall asleep. Then, just as one of my friends was about to fall asleep, a boss came around and caught him.

The boss just gave him a warning. But, one after another my friends just kept falling asleep. Some of them even quit working. I began to try to wake my friends, but my friend Joe said, No one cares, Im going back to sleep. I replied, Well if they catch you, youre not going to get paid! Joe continued to sit in the back of the truck and sleep, along with some others.

Then the boss came by another time and saw them sleeping. This time he let them sleep. Finally, they got up about sunrise, and started working again. The boss saw them working so they figured they were still were going to get paid well. The thing is, the boss knew that they were sleeping and that they were also moving very slowly.

He could see the difference in the type of work between my friends and myself. Gradually the day went on, and soon it was over. On the way home, they talked and laughed about how easy it was. They also were expecting to get a lot of money. So, we called our friend Greg and asked him when we were going to get paid.

He said, sometime this week. The week went on and I went out partying and having fun with my friends again as usual, but we were all waiting for our checks. Finally the checks arrived and mine read three hundred dollars. I soon called some of my friends and asked them the amounts of their checks. My friend Joe said, Sh t, I only got hundred bucks.

How did you get three hundred? Thats a rip off. I replied, You got nothing because you did nothing! The rest of that week I spent my money and had fun, while my friends looked on and wished they hadnt gone out that night. Political Issues.


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