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Death Penalty Advantages

.. any people who oppose the death penalty argue that it is not ethical to execute a murderer. When one stops to think about this, the statement does not hold much water. This punishment seems to be the only fair punishment for someone who took someones life for whatever reason. “an eye for an eye”, someone took a persons life and the same should happen to them.

If someone close to an abolitionist was murdered they would make a quick conversion to a supporter because they would want the criminal dead. This is why most abolitionist are people who grew up in a well off family and in a nice neighborhood. They support the penalty because chances are, they have never been affected by a murder or a violent crime. Capital punishment not only serves Gulbin – 5 as retribution for the victim but also for the family of the victim. It would not seem fair that someone took a way a loved ones life and they spent a little time in jail, death is the only fair punishment. Abolitionists also say that when the state executes someone, it is really just like murder. If it is murder when the state executes a criminal, is it kidnapping when we put inmates in a cell and they are held against their will? In both cases the answer is no.

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There is a difference between premeditated murder and a criminals execution. When a murderer kills someone, there is no trial, there was no crime committed, there is no reason why that person should loose their life. An execution is not wrong because this person has commitied a crime thats punishment is death. A big issue is are the methods we use to execute criminals today painless and ethical? The answer is no, todays methods are not always painless. All methods can be botched and result in pain for the criminal. Is this fair to them? Some would say that it is wrong to put them through that kind of pain, but one must imagine the fear and pain that the victim was going through right before the inmate killed them.

So if it takes three times to electrocute someone and there hair catches on fire, or the chemicals are not mixed right for the injection and it is not painless or the noose is not tied right and it takes five minutes for them to die, or when the pellets are dropped and they cough and gag as they gasp for air, chances are it was not half as bad as what the victim went through. Although the criminal Gulbin – 6 should not be offered a painless death, there are methods that can be used that are completely painless. One such method is asphyxiation by nitrogen. With nitrogen the inmate would not feel any pain, a couple of minutes after the nitrogen is pumped into the room they would go unconscious. Then they would die painlessly in the next couple of minutes.

Another plus to this method is that their organs could be donated to hospitals. This method would save lives by taking a criminal off the streets and giving organs to a dying person. There is a chance that an innocent person could be convicted and executed by mistake. While this is a chance, it is not a very probable thing to happen. Todays legal system has may things to prevent this. Trials for capital crimes have to phases. The first phase is only concerned with the guilt of the accused.

The second phase is devoted to the issue of the sentence. Also with the advancements in technology with DNA and such, we are able to prove most times with out a doubt if someone committed the crime. Out of the eight thousand criminals that have been executed, it is thought that only twenty-three of them may have been innocent. Out of these twenty-three cases twelve had very little or no evidence to prove that the person was guilty. The United States is the last major commercial country in the west that is still using the death penalty.

Some say that this shows that we should stop because everyone else is, but this quote from Ernest Van den Hag makes a valid point, “I cant give much weight to the argument suggested by Prof. Conrad because many Gulbin – 7 countries have abolished the death penalty, we to should abolish it. If many countries follow the Soviets and institute cruel concentration camps, should we to follow? Should our national decisions follow international fashion?” This country has a fairly large crime problem and it is about time that it buckles down and takes action against it. This country is being to easy on criminals and not being fair to the law abiding citizens. The streets should be made safer for everyone. Police are on the streets trying to make this a safer place to live, and they should not have to worry, that the next person they pull over for speeding is going to pull out a gun and kill them to try and avoid being arrested.

People like that should not have a chance to commit an atrocity like that more than once and others thinking about it should have a reason to be scarred away by the fact they may loose there life it they pull the trigger. So while there are still people that say it is a much better solution to put criminals in jail for life, should research the subject deeper and see all of the benefits of capital punishment and how it could better the United States. The money that is saved from this should be used for important things such as schools, the homeless, and people who need and deserve it. It should not be used so a heartless murderer can stay alive in jail and possibly kill again. When it comes down to it, there is not reason that the death penalty should not be used and not used more often.


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