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Death of a salesman

Capitalism in “Death of a Salesman”, is undermining to the human spirit
and human condition. In “Death of a Salesman”, money was the Loman’s biggest issue.
That’s is not to say that if he had money it would not have made things better. Willy left
home with financial problems, he came home with financial problems. To Willy it was
never enough. He never made enough, he wasn’t the man that he portrayed to be to the
children. But with Willy it was always his bills, bills, bills.
“Willy: What do we owe?
Linda: Well, on the first there’s sixteen dollars on the refrigerator-
Willy: Why sixteen?
Linda: Well, the fan belt broke, so it was a dollar eighty.
Willy: But it’s brand new.

Linda: Well, the man said that’s the way it is. Till they work themselves in, y’know.

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Willy: I hope we don’t get stuck on that machine.

Linda: They got the biggest ads of any of them!
Willy: I know, it’s a fine machine. What else?
Linda: Well, There’s nine-sixty for the washing machine. And for the vacuum cleaner
there’s three and a half due on the fifteenth. Then the roof you got twenty-one dollars

Willy: It don’t leak, does it?
Linda: No, they did a wonderful job. Then you owe Frank for the carburetor.”
Linda Loman, was the wife of Willy Loman. She never complained about money,
her biggest issue was to make sure that her husband didn’t run himself raggedy with
mental problems. She always thought that they would make it. Linda was very
assertive, and never had anything bad to say.

“Willy: You’re not worried about me, are you, sweetheart?
Biff: What’s the matter?
Happy: Listen!
Linda: You’ve got too much on the ball to worry about.

Willy: You’re my foundation and my support, Linda.

Linda: Just relax, dear. You make mountains out of molehills.”
Happy Loman is one of Willy Lomans son. He has a stable job and he loans his
mother money from time to time. Happys only thing is that at work he doesn’t get the
kind of recognition that he feels that he deserves, and that no one understands his father.


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