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dark side

Sara was a 15 year old girl who had just moved into new town with her mom. Her parents got divorced and she was taking it very hard. She missed all her friends and family she left back home and she felt out of place. All she wanted is her old life back and be happy like she used to be. But that was impossible and she just had to deal with the situation.

She started her first year of high school and she hated it. She didnt fit in with the crowd, the teachers picked on her, and her grades were poor.She gave up on her hobbies, like sports, and drawing; things that she enjoyed doing. In other words, she became depressed. Spending all her time daydreaming of a better life, during the night, she stayed up and cried. She felt so lonely, wanting to escape to a far off place.

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As those terrifying days passed, she met this group of kids. Others didnt like them because of their gothic ways. Kids were scared of them, and became known as the outcasts. Sara became acquainted with them fast. They started to hang out more, she felt comfortable around their presence. She also started to like the activities they did like spells, witchcraft, rituals, and ceremonies that took place at the cemetery.She was fascinated and glad that she found her spiritual side.

She automatically changed. She became this unknown person. Her mother and the people around her noticed that she became weird. But she enjoyed what she did, because it gave her a sense of power and control over her life. Although, what she didnt know was that the witchcraft became her obsession. She stared to get more involved in it. Now not only did she did spells, Voo Doo Dolls, and rituals but she started Black Magic. Which is very dangerous, and it might even cause disaster. Her habits got so out of hand that even the crowd didnt want to hang around with her, because they were afraid to mess with Black Magic. Sara believed so strongly in the evil powers that she decided to invoke the evil spirit.
At midnight, she went to the cemetery all by herself.She made a fire and drew the devil stars around it with human blood. She kneeled down in front of the burning fire, holding the black book in her hands, she said the following words EVIL SPIRIT COME TO ME, I INVOKE THEE, and she threw a mixture into the flames. The flames became extremely high and burning red. Clouds of smoke surrounded her. She heard voices and screams of the demons and souls taken to hell. She felt creeps all over her body. As she looked deeply into the flames, she saw a creature emerge from the fire. It was black, with 3 golden eyes, horns, and a long tail. Sara was terrified she had never seen anything as scary as this in her whole entire life. The creature howled, looking deep in her amazed eyes and said YOU CALLED UPON ME…ARE YOU READY TO GIVE YOUR SOUL. Sara was possessed by the devil that she couldnt even think. Its like it got inside her mind and controlled her every thought and movement she made. Now, she was this person with evil inside her, ready to do anything.

The screams just got louder, and it seemed like they were coming from the ground because it started to rumble, and out of nowhere those winds came over her. Sara was looking deeply like she was hypnotized. She stood up, picked up the knife and said WITH THIS I GIVE MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL, stabbing herself in the chest. Her body dropped to the ground, covered with blood. The shadow that raised from her body, flew right into the flames. The winds stopped, the flames and the devil diminished into the ground. All the screams got quieter as if they were drifting away. Everything was gone, except the body of a girl that gave her soul to the devil.

This story emphasizes the struggle that the teenagers might face because of family problems or divorce. Because they are usually weak inside, they take things seriously and it often causes problems or like in this case death. Also, what Im trying to point out is be careful with witchcraft, because it might get out of hand.


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