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Customer Service In Abc Stores

Customer Service In Abc Stores Customer Service There are countless different establishments you could review to find out about the quality of their customer service. I chose Safeway, Foodland, the ABC stores, Sears, Longs, and Nieman Marcus, which all have different customer service techniques on different levels. Now, the ABC stores are working on a different level, as convenience stores primarily catering to the tourists in Waikiki. When I lived in Waikiki, the joke used to be that ABC stood for All Blocks Covered, and it does not seem to be far from the truth – there is literally an ABC store on each block, if not two or three. I know these stores well, because my apartment was situated right above an ABC store (and once my shower even leaked down in to the store).

I cannot really brag about their customer service, since the employees goal seemed to be to be the fastest cashiers on the island. It is not that it is hard locating any products in the store, but I guess that since they are mainly focused on the tourists, they completely forget about the people residing in Waikiki – people that frequently shops at their stores. The employees are friendly, but they kind of mind their own business as they move around the store and they do not seem very susceptible to questions of any kind if they are e.g. re-stocking or something of that nature. The ABC stores might want to implement a better customer service policy, one that will seem acceptable to the regulars, and not only the tourist one-time-shopper.

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The policy should include a more long-term view of customer service, like e.g. implementing a philosophy that will appeal and appease the local customers and make them want to return, not because they have to, but because they like shopping there. Something that might even bring in more customers, because, as far as I know, word of mouth is not working very well at the moment. Longs Drugs is another widely spread convenience store on this island, and their customer service is so-far-so-good. I have not yet had any bad experiences there, and I hope I never will (but then again, dont we all). The employees are friendly and helpful, but that depends on which store you are shopping at.

I think that reflects on the managers, and from my experience, most of the store managers do a good job at implementing their customer service policies. I never had a problem returning any products I was dissatisfied with, even if I bought it at a different store than the one I was returning it to. I guess I have an advantage having worked a lot in customer service myself, so I always keep the receipts and whatever else I might need when it comes down to returning products. I do not really know what their policies are on products returned without a receipt, but I do know that employees have a certain degree of know-how and are usually able to tell if it came from one of their stores – I know I did. I have had customers come in trying to return a product that we did not even sell, so most of the time you can tell.

I know Longs both gives cash returns and in other cases a new product, so I think their customer service policies are sufficient for the level the stores operate on. Lets take a look at Safeway, a common grocery store not only in Hawaii, but also all over the continental U.S. Employees at every store I have been to, will always ask you if you need help and never forget to ask how you are doing. The company is doing a good job in implementing their customer service policies and philosophies, and the employees also seem to be committed to keeping up the good work. The employees at Safeway will assist you to the best of their abilities, and there are always two or more employees in circulation (on the lookout for people needing help with something).

The one thing I like about Safeway is not their high prices, but the fact that the employees will not keep badgering you if you already declined their help – they now wait for you to come to them. I think their customer service is quite adequate, because they are there when you need them and they are not when you dont. Safeway really does not need to implement any new customer service policies, since their current ones seem to be working out perfectly fine and they are cost efficient, too. The employees are always re-stocking products or doing something otherwise productive, and at the same time being available to help customers. Another well known grocery store on this island is Foodland, and their customer service is slightly below Safeway. I think it is because they are aiming for better product quality, and less involvement with the customer, but they are more than willing to help you out if you need it (as far as I know). The obvious difference between Safeway and Foodland is that Safeway has its own generic products in addition to everything else they carry, whereas Foodland has almost any grocery/food product there is.

I personally like Foodland, because they always have specials (along with Safeway), and I get the help I need and usually when I need it. They also have their own customer service help desk, something which Safeway does not have. I think Foodland is doing good overall, and implementing new customer service policy/philosophy would be optional to them. When talking about department stores, there are two of them on this island that are like day and night in every possible aspect – Sears & Nieman Marcus. Sears is not on my good side when it comes to their customer service, because there is never an employee around when you need one, or all the employees are busy with other customers that apparently had planned a day long outing at the store.

Sears either needs to hire more people or educate the ones they already have a lot better. The friendliness is not all that great either, but they are not exactly rude to you either – they just try to ignore you for as long as they can. Another thing is that you will have to pay extra for a product if you want them to fix it when it breaks down or stops working (if something is wrong with it), which is something they should be doing free of charge and should be a mandatory responsibility. I think it would make anyone mad if they bought a vacuum cleaner and was expected to pay for the repairs when something went wrong. Overall, Sears needs to implement a whole new customer service policy that appeases every possible customer, as well as training their employees better.

Now, Nieman Marcus is a totally different story. This department store caters to a more balanced audience, the ones that can afford all things that are designer. None the less, they have excellent customer service that complements their organizational goals – selling the really expensive stuff. You are greeted at the entrance to the store, but it is not until you have settled in a particular department that you are approached by an employee, but then again it is very nice to have a personal shopper every now and then. I think Nieman Marcus is doing an excellent customer service job, and I do not believe they need any new customer service policies.

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