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Cummunism Communism Communism is the idea of having a classless society of people where everything is supposed to be owned equally by all. In communism, unlike Marxism there is a peasant revolution instead of a proletariat revolution, and unlike in socialism there is a totalitarian government and there is no private property. Marxism is a classless society brought about through a proletariat revolution. In Marxism the government is just supposed to wither away unlike in communism and socialism. In socialism the government is a representative one where land ownership is shared by both people and the government and there is social welfare, also known as workers rights. Communism has it’s bad points, but there are good points to communism, for example, women gained equality underneath the law, such as in jobs and education while before they had very little. Another advantage of communism is that it had provided free education for everyone in the state.

There are a lot of other benefits to communism such as free medical care, day care for children, cheap housing, public transportation, and recreation. Communism has good points, as well as points, for example, since Russia everything is equal, and there are no incentives to work harder, workers get lazy and make less products at low quality. Another problem with communism is that there is censorship, and secret police that control every aspect of your life, and you had little privacy and freedom. Another disadvantage to communism is that the standard of living is low and people lived in very poor conditions Economics Essays.

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