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Crucible The Crucible is a play about witchcraft. It all begins with a group of young women playing with witchcraft taught by Tituba and Abigail Williams. Reverend Parris found them and most of the girls scattered but the smallest girls stayed, frozen with fear. The people of Salem, where the setting is, hold a church meeting and call Reverend Hale to decide if it is witchcraft. Hale comes to Salem and gets the girls to confess and blame Tituba, the slave that taught them witchcraft. Tituba confesses and blames the devil. The city of Salem called in deputies to try people for witchcraft and the girls start their acts of vengeance on the entire town.

Abigail Williams who lusts for John Proctor tries to bring Elizabeth Proctor, Johns wife, to trial. Abigail went to the council and pulled a needle out of her stomach and claimed Elizabeth was responsible. Hale visited Elizabeth again and found a needle stuck in the abdomen of a doll. Abigail had planted it. The chaos continued and the girls continue to pretend to see the devil during the trials, but to find out what happens youll have to read the play. There are many themes that you can explore in this play; marital relationships, the effects of mass hysteria, but the most important is, understanding the concept of dignity and honor.

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1.Parris is very insecure. His the minister of Sale. His major concerns is his reputation and his money. He cares more about the witchcraft in his house then the welfare of his own daughter.
2.They are the richest people in the village they have the most money and land. They think they are above the rest of the people. They lost seven out of eight babies so they believe there is something superstitious at work, such as witchcraft.

3.Proctor is displeased with the way Parris is running the church. Proctor had an affair with Abigail. He says the did but battles with himself that they didn’t.

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4.Goody Putnam thinks that her midwives are witches because all but one of her kids died. Also people are suspicious cause because the girls were dancing in the woods, also because the girls are sick.
6.They said that the devil could take any form such as a cat, dog, bird, frog, etc…

7.Tituba named people so that she wouldn’t be killed. Abigail did so she could be the center of attention. Betty names witches so she could get it off her back.

8.Hale is a very honest person, where the Putnams seem to be very evil in a way.

9.The relationship between John and Elizabeth is very cold and distant.

10.If you confess to being a witch they will feel you are taking one step closer to god and you don’t you would be hanged.

11.Elizabeth is concerned about the other people in jail but at the same time she worries about herself.

12.Abigail might charge him with adultery.

13.Hale wanted to see what type of people they were.

14.He forgot the commandment that he broke.

15.There was a poppet in the Proctor house with a needle stuck in the stomach. Abigail accused Elizabeth’s spirit of sticking a needle in her.

16.Rebecca Nurse was also arrested that night.

17.Toward the end of the act, he seems to care more for his wife and is more willing to die for her.

18.He is the deputy governor. He is strictly black and white. And is a very serious person.

19.Giles is an eighty year old strong man. He will take you to court if he feels you have taken advantage of him. He uses his daughter to accuse witchery on people so he can get their land.

21.She started yelling and acting like she sees a bird. It causes the other girls to go along with it and they start going insane.
22.Proctor confess to adultery.

23.Elizabeth is brought in cause John says she wouldn’t lie but she does. Also Mary accuses John of being a witch.

24.He always finds out the truth. He knows that girls are lying.

25.Hale returns to save more innocent lives. He feels really guilty.

26.Rebecca doesn’t lie because she is a very spiritual person.

27.Abby ran away. She stole all of her uncles money and boarded a boat with Mercy.

29.He thinks that it will revel a weakness on his past.

30.Huge slabs of stone were laid on his chest until he couldn’t breathe. And he still wouldn’t give them name of the person.

31.They were honest with themselves and also with each other. It changes because he is about to die.

32.His name is who he is and he must be true to himself.


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