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Critique On Group Behavior Article

Critique On Group Behavior Article The article “Under Pressure” deals with teens and group behavior. It focuses on how teens interact differently in groups as opposed to by themselves. The article concentrates on how peer pressure plays a large role in individuals’ decisions. It also mentions that there are negative effects as well as positive effects that result from group behavior. Groups can have both negative and positive influences on an individual. An example of a positive result from a groups’ influence would be charity organizations.

Charity organizations may influence a group member to take part in random acts of kindness. When part of a charity organization, a person might find himself or herself being motivated by the group to take part in many positive actions. The article also showed many examples of negative group behaviors. It depicted real teenagers who got caught in some very sticky situations and the negative decisions that they made. A group can also influence an individual in many negative ways as well. Many teens find themselves regretting their negative actions after they had taken place.

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They often question why they engaged in the activity in the first place. They also recognized that they would not have behaved in that manner had the group not been present. This article also focuses on ways that individuals can prevent themselves from getting caught up in the negative actions presented by a group. The article stresses points, such as thinking before one participates in a negative action that may make him or her feel uncomfortable. It also emphasizes the significance of being a “critical thinker.” It also offers an excuse for not participating in a negative action, such as blaming ones’ parents.

The article also touches on the importance of the negative effects drugs and alcohol can have on individuals’ behavior and judgment. Bibliography yatta yatta yatta Psychology Essays.


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