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Since the beginning of the nation America has always been known as the
melting pot of the world. We open our arms and embrace diversity as well as
immigration. Throughout time however there has been one race that has been made
to feel that they do not belong at times or that they re not entitled to the
same freedoms as others. The African Americans have had a rough time in the US.

They were brought here forcibly as slaves and even after gaining their freedom
spent years in the shadows of their white peers due to the oppressive nature
and attitude of the white population. In recent years that has begun to change
and as African Americans continue to take their rightful and equal places in
American society we find that the constant evolution of the culture has allowed
and encouraged them to develop religious and philosophical freedoms that they
had not been able to enjoy before.

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The American Diaspora has affected the African Americans in many ways.

We are a people of freedom and always have been, however, the African American
has not always had the same privileges. The Diaspora has allowed the African
American through a process of evolvement to re-ignite and remember many of its
the cultural division that had fallen by the wayside in years past. Complete
freedom is something we all strive for, but it is something the African
American has had to fight for every step of the way in America. Today African
Americans have the same freedoms that the whiles have and they are rightfully
coming out of the shadows and speaking their mind religiously, philosophically
and economically.
The African American based churches in this country have always been
involved in music and joy. The freedom to express their religious views as well
as celebrate the holidays has been coming since the freedom movement began and
today the ability to celebrate, dress and worship the way of the homeland has
been accepted and embraced.
Philosophy is really little more than freedom of speech. It is a
privilege we have enjoyed in this nation for a long time. The African Americans
have been able to form their own philosophy for many years but only in recent
decades such as the emergence of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The
philosophical ability to speak completely freely is one freedom that African
Americans have in this nation(Malcolm X, 1999).

Complete freedom of course also involves economic abilities. The African
American buying power in this country has steadily increased since the
abolishment of slavery. Complete freedom in this nation involves not only the
ability to speak freely, to develop religious and philosophical views but also
to be able to earn and contribute economically to the nation(Malcolm X, 1999).

All of these things are being worked on and becoming more of a reality
with each passing year and once they have reached completely equal status with
white bread America then the African Americans will have the deserved complete
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