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Computers And Its Role In Healthcare Technology The computer is a great invention of modern technology

Computers And Its Role In Healthcare Technology
The computer is a great invention of modern technology, it is easy to use the electronic machine built for storing and processing data. A computer has the ability to execute billions of instructions every second without making any mistakes. The computer is a very reliable device and is easy to work. It works with the help of programming, it is the programming that decides and runs a computer.
A computer goes back to the 19th century, when the first digital computer was developed, the main purpose it served, was a calculating machine. A computer has evolved over the time and can be found in many forms, for example, laptops, desktops, and smartphones, they have become smaller and faster, and convenient. With the advancements in technology, it has changed the lives of many, making tasks more convenient and giving you the ability to complete tasks infraction of the time.
Computer education has become so important to learn over time because of the increase in technology. In today’s generation, everything from X-ray machines, transportation, Washing machines and space crafts are all programmed with the use of a computer system. It also plays a major role in career development, because many workplaces require the knowledge of basic computer skills for the job since the basic pen and paper have been replaced by technology for accuracy and effective work. Since technology is found everywhere It has been introduced to schools giving students the ability to learn new tools and skills for a more advanced future. it has opened the doors to many opportunities, putting many jobs out on the market.

The advancements in technology have played a major role in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals have been able to better diagnose and treat patients to improve quality of life. Healthcare Technology varies from electronic health records (EHR), Diagnostic Equipment, Drugs, Telemedicine, Surgical equipment and more. Technology is being used for various reasons in Medicine today. With the overall advancements in technology, it is more likely to improve the performance of a health care system. Here are some advantages of healthcare technology.
Information technology has contributed tremendously in medicine with the use of electronic health records (EHR), it replaces the original paper chart system. This system has changed experiences for the patient, also for the professionals as well. With the expansion of the healthcare industry having the ability to access patients charts from anywhere at any time. Electronic health records give the provider the ability to access full medical history, and they are able to reduce the usage of paper, making it environmentally friendly. The EHR system can give notifications to the treating physician of any issues, allergies, and medications. An EHR System promotes patient safety and care. It is very accurate and more efficient, this type of system can be very beneficial to the physician if the patient is critical or unconscious.
With how technology has increased in the healthcare industry, Physicians and Practitioners have the capacity to treat more patient physically and virtually. The physician can provide care to more than one person at a time, resulting in quality care in less time. Telemedicine “The delivery of healthcare services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities”(WHO, 1997). Telemedicine is growing rapidly, and Physicians are able to address patients needs electronically the biggest advantages of telemedicine are that you have access to specialist and information that you would not have otherwise. Having an online consult with a doctor removes the office wait time.
Another advantage to having computer technology is Medical equipment technology. Having the ability to perform invasive surgical procedures, with the help of computer technology certain procedures can be performed. The computer known as CAS (computer-assisted surgical systems) is used for these Invasive procedures, and are FDA approved. The surgical instruments are controlled by a surgeon via computer and software technology. The advantages of this type of technology have on our society is, patients safety, fewer complications and the ability to make small incisions, this will help avoid wound infections, allows for minimally-invasive scars and significantly less recovery time than traditional surgeries. The purpose of this robotic surgery serves
Hospitals and Private Practices have invested in using the new medical technology in their everyday practice like mobile devices. These devices are aiding physician on the job to access a wide variety of research and studies and newly updated information on drugs. For the advancement of medicine has a variety of technologies are vital. The use of this technology is to improve patient care, develop better treatment options, and diagnosis.
The benefits of having a computer-oriented society are crucial, computers are used everywhere and in various professions, from engineers, doctors, students, and teachers. Many jobs and institutes require the use of a computer. In the 21st century not only is a computer use for work purposes, but also for social and communication purposes. The computers have helped connect friends and family from all around the world.
Having a computer in our society is very beneficial because, with all the advancements, a computer can help educate. It also provides success to many businesses, helping them interact with their clients from all around the world.
In the healthcare industry Computers play a critical role in patients lives. Offices and hospitals have gone from paper charts to medical records, helping physicians document, eliminating the use of paper and being more effective and accurate. Computers have helped make diagnostic testing easy and accessible over the time. A computer is used for hospital management and diagnostic purposes. The use of a computer in a healthcare setting is endless and with today’s technology, giving you immediate access to endless information, and saving money and time.

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