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Communication Progresses Between People

Communication Progresses Between People In today’s hustle and bustle of everyday life, men, women, and children walk past one another without even a friendly smile or hello. As global technology grows, communication between individuals gets more distant and less personal. Even in families, messages are left on the answering machine or as notes on the fridge. Therefore, with todays’ highly competitive technological world, it is vital to receive and maintain some old-fashioned inter-personal communication. Communication throughout history progresses from face-to-face to smoke signals, to the Pony Express to Canada Post, to the telephone to telex machines to modems.

The fax machine is so impersonal that neither voice nor hand writing are used, and personality is lost. Now a video link where the person can see the caller and feel a personal touch, is trying to re-establish the original methods while using high-tech systems. Thus, as technology increases, we can clearly see attempts to get back to the “old way” through usage of time saving methods. One benefit of high-tech communications systems is the ability to make previously impossible communications possible. Think of the father and son separated by an ocean, one in England, the other in Newfoundland. This is where the telephone plays a role.

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It facilitates an almost instantaneous connection at a reasonable cost, and bridges a gap. Fortunately, this is now made possible by satellite systems launched into orbit by a recently developed rocket deployment system. Aside from this, people should attempt to communicate with people in their immediate surroundings more often, and use the more up-to-date technology sparingly, and only when appropriate. If a walk is taken down the street, or perhaps a ride on the subway, there will always be people seen with “Walkmans” or similar escapism devices. People are turning off the world, blotting it out, and turning to their own drummer. This in turn, affects their listening skills. In fact, listening to a “Walkman” over the halfway point for more than forty minutes a day, three days a week, is a leading contributor to permanent hearing loss.

This syndrome can also be taken relate to television watching, especially in this day and age when we have “Much Music” broadcast all over the country. A short attention span and a lack of concentration are other factors in this ongoing problem. With the introduction of the remote control television, not more than fifteen years ago, people have had the opportunity to change stations as soon as the action isn’t as fast as they’d like it, or to skip over commercials. So, it affects other people too, as they have to put up with those who only hear them when they want to, or on the second time around. Also, on dates, couples are turning more and more to impersonal activities and lifestyles like being entertained by all the latest high-tech equipment such as video games, computers and movies. This doesn’t promote much conversation, because each person is just sitting, watching, as if they were there alone.

Married couples often spend most of their day working, so they have less time to talk. Families should set aside a time for some informal talk each day, where they’re away from the television and similar distracting devices. Sitting down with the family for dinner is a good time to talk. It is actually quite helpful for family members to listen to one another, and share concerns, instead of grazing from the fridge with no communication. It is important, to take a time-out to sit down and think about the effects of a lack of communication upon one’s self and others. First of all, it promotes an impression of little self-worth. This is due to a deficient element of thought and a lack of sharing of feelings between people.

Next, it affects others by making them think that you don’t care about, or even think of them enough to bother to get together for a little discussion. All these difficulties can be mended by a little time to listen, to think, to speak, and to share. In conclusion, it is clearly evident that people require to escape from the sequence of artificial methods of relation, and get back to the original, most beneficial ways. It can be easily seen that this method provokes more thought and creativity in both parties. Hand movements, tone of voice and facial expressions come into play.

In personal communication, these elements of body language relay at least 75% of the message received. Thus, on a one to one basis, messages are personalized with the addition of body language, and the personality and feelings of the speaker are received by the listener. So, you can’t hide your face behind the anonymity of the phone or the paper, but are forced to feel and grow with the situation of reality.


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