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Student Athletes Deserve More than Scholarships
Student Athletes Deserve More than Scholarships. A Look into the Finances of Major
College Sports Programs Student-athletes at major colleges and universities do more than attend
classes, practices, and compete against other teams. They generate money. Supporters of the
play-for-pay concept believe that since major college athletic programs produce large sums of
money through television rights fees, bowl games, ticket sales and other means, student-athletes
deserve more than just a grant-in-aid for their efforts. As a result, intercollegiate sports have
developed into a highly specialized, multi-million dollar entertainment industry that rides on the
This industry has in turn resulted in substantial rewards for big time athletic programs and
the NCAA. While universities are eager to compensate coaches for the exploits of their players
they are steadfast in their abidance of the NCAA Manual. This idea would have us believe the
financial system between universities and student-athletes is unfairly balanced in favor of the
institution. A university realizes millions in revenue and all the athlete gets is a measly scholarship.
Article 12 of the NCAA bylaws provides that a student-athlete loses amateur status along with
the right to participate in intercollegiate athletics when he is found to have received funds, awards,
or other impermissible benefits established under NCAA legislation. Schools should either stick
to this in every case, or just not at all. These prohibitions on payment include direct compensation
for athletic participation and receipt of financial aid above the cost of tuition, fees, room, board,
and books. While student-athletes directly contribute millions of dollars in revenue to institutions
they receive nothing but the minimum cost to keep them in school. Most of these young men and
women come from lower-middle class and lower-class families that are unable to send the
students spending money during the year or pay for a plane ticket home for the holidays.
All over the nation, we hear of athletes leaving school early to play professional sports.

And it is simply because that these athletes can not survive only on their scholarship money.
Where do they get the money without a job? The cost of living or just making ends meat, forces
the athlete to leave school and find work. That is what happens when you play professionally, it
becomes your work, your job. That is what puts food on the table and money in the bank. Most
college athletes are on scholarships and receive money for their education, room and board.
However, my point is that these athletes dont have an opportunity to make money for their
The NCAA forbids student-athletes from working for wages during the school year. If
parents are unable to send their son or daughter money for anything not covered by their
scholarship they are penniless. Most people think that an athlete should just be thankful for the
education he receives in exchange for a few hours of practice. But an enormous amount of cash is
being circulated within that school, at the athletes expense, which that athlete will never lay eyes
on. The solution to the money problem is simple, pay them. I am not talking about millions or
even thousands of dollars. Give each student-athlete the same amount of pay they could receive
in a normal job. The wage would be the same for every athlete based on division within the same
sport. Every player would receive the same amount regardless of on field contribution. Having
every school abide by equal pay would eliminate larger, more profitable schools from offering
bigger paydays to recruits as incentive to attend their institution over another. This would keep
recruiting fair across the country for every school.
Student-athletes endure countless hours of practice and athletic competition to earn pride,
respect, and most importantly, money for their respective schools. Unfortunately, these athletes
are taken out of the equation when it comes time to distribute the money generated by their
athletic programs. Paying players would do more than allow the underprivileged students to
participate in basic college activities like dating or ordering a pizza with friends. A true athlete
plays the game simply because he loves it. When you are in sports, it is more or less a business
and it is their job to make money for the school. For a given number of hours per week, they give
their blood, sweat, and tears just to play a sixty-minute game or run two times around a track.

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Take these factors and combine it with the athletes academic responsibilities, and its a lot to
account for. When all is said and done, the athlete sees no money aside from scholarships. It
would alleviate many other problems as well. Gambling and corruption on campuses is threatening
the honor of college athletics. Illegal dealings with agents, has increased as well. Paying an
income to athletes will lessen the control agents can place on players by reducing their need for
money. When university athletic departments are benefiting from these players, to the tune of
millions of dollars, and the student-athletes are receiving only an education that they may or may
A scholarship is nice, but it does not pay the bills for many of these players. If colleges
and universities made money solely from ticket sales as a means of perpetuating sports programs,
there would be no argument over whether college athletes should be paid. The cheating occurs
when colleges negotiate billion dollar television and multi-million dollar endorsement contracts.

Those contracts and endorsements are the acts of businesses looking to make money, not
non-profit institutions. Colleges and universities are in the business of making money whether
they admit to it or not, and they use student-athletes to do it. I believe the athletes should be
paid. How else do they make money? The athletes main accomplishments go unnoticed and the
dedication to the school is unappreciated. The paying of athletes would not be a paycheck but
rather a support for the entertainment and flash money that they bring along with them to the
University. Paying them would not only be fair, but beneficial to both the student-athletes and the


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