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College Sessions

College Sessions College sessions are almost about to begin and Summer Jackson had a list of things she was going to complete before she went away to college. As she was packing and getting her things ready to go, she found her list and noticed that one thing still remained on the list. She figured she only had a couple more days to get this done, so immediately she called a group of friends over. When everbody arrived at her home they did not know what she wanted. She came in and told them that she wanted to have sex with each of them. At first they all got freaked out, but as she started stripping they became to like this idea.

Once she was fully nude, she asked who was going to go first. No one said anything, so she choose the first person. The other boys looked on as Summer lost her virginity. The girls that were there were totally freaked out because the never seen her act like this before. One of the girls decided to follow her lead though and she began to strip, and she grabbed the guy next to her and put his penis in her mouth.

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Soon this became one big orgy, just because one girl wanted to have sex before she left to college. Mission Accomplished Creative Writing.


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