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College Essay

College Essay There’s a lot of talking these days about what it will mean to live, work and prosper in the 21st century. In fact this century is being hailed as a kind of renaissance. Not the rebirth of classic art and culture, as in the 15th century, but a rebirth of what we understand to be knowledge, how to acquire it and how to use it productively. Chicago, one of the US major corporate industrial headquarters, not only serves as the natural environment for scientific engineering study, but also influences a major sector of Dow Jones Industrial Index. As a young multi-cultured child, I always had a dream that one day I’ll suceed in international bio-medical business administration.

To achieve that, I’ll need a school that target’s students with interdisciplinary learning, a school that forefronts biological researches, a school that lays the foundation of genetic evolution, a school like University of Chicago. Unlike other schools, UC has the wealth of resources and the excellences of faculties to ensure my dream of today will be a reality of tomorrow. I have no doubt, University of Chicago will shape me for a lifetime of leadership, and enlightening living that will prepare me uniquely for the future. Acceptance Essays.

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