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club drugs

Club Drugs
An increasing problem in todays society is the use of club drugs, these drugs include Ecstasy, Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine just to name a few. Most of these drugs can be found at Raves or over night parties. The reasons people are brought into using these drugs may include, the relatively low cost, increased stamina, and the intoxicating highs that seem to deepen the trance experience. Medical Science has examined evidence and leads them to believe ecstasy changes critical parts of the brain and that overdoses can lead to muscle breakdown and even cardiovascular failure. Here are a few of the drugs commonly used.
— MDMA (Ecstasy) this is a synthetic psychoactive drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic affects. Street names commonly used are ecstasy, Adam, KTC, beans and the love drug. Most of the time this drug is taken as a pill, however it can also be snorted.

—Rohyenol and Kelamine These two drugs are central nervous system depressants. Since many of these are often colorless, tasteless and even odorless they can be mixed with beverages quite easily without anyone noticing. Due to the use of these drugs as date rape drugs, in 1996 Legislation increased Federal penalties for use of any drug to aid sexual assaults.

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—GHB GHB has been abused in the U.S mainly by body builders to help aid in fat reduction. This to is a central nervous depressant, which was available, over-the-counter in food stores until 1992. The street names commonly associated with GHB include Liquid Ecstasy, Soap, Easy Lay, and Georgia Homeboy. The majority of the side effects involving this drug seem to be coma or seizures. However, when mixed with alcohol at raves, unconsciousness may occur.


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