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Clintons Impeachment

Clintons Impeachment The Good, The Bad, The Impeached A fake. A liar. A cheat. Is this what should be said about the President? He has committed perjury, obstructed justice, and continues to lie to America about his actions. Bill Clinton is an embarrassment to America and should be impeached. How can his actions be explained to the children? Can parents tell their children that the leader of the free world is a liar, a cheat, and a pervert? Impeachment out of office or resignation would be the best for the country.

The President has been dodging everything that has been thrown at him, it is about time he is pinned with something and this affair is the best opportunity. Taking him out of office is necessary and this can not be a better time for the impeachment to take place. Through the history of America there have been many impeachments but never a full impeachment for a president. The closest ever was Andrew Jackson who was impeached by the house but not by the senate (O,Brien 973). Clinton went through the same that he did being impeached by the house but not the senate. Andrew Jackson was impeached for high crimes against the United States.

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Clinton has committed several high crimes yet he is not going to be impeached. He has been given to many chances and forgiven too many times. A person can only be given so many chances before a stop has to be put on it. This is the best time to stop the lying and cheating going on in the White House. The point that he is the President of the United States should not give the President any leeway whatsoever.

The President has engaged in conduct that is against his constitutional duty to execute the laws (Starr). The President committed the crimes and just like any other common criminal he should have to pay for what he has done. If a doctor or a teacher participated in sexual activities with a patient or student would he or she not be forced to resign or be fired? How is the President’s case different from this except for the fact that he is the President and he has also committed other crimes besides having sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky? All men are created equal isn’t that what the constitution says, why is the Presidents case so different. The President should be setting an example for America not having to be told what he should and should not be doing. The President has now become known for lying.

Mr. Clinton is aware of his actions and should do the right thing which is confess and take the heat. There have been many named cases by Mr. Starr in which he has lied but yet he has denied every thing Mr. Starr has said and somehow still makes Starr look like he is the bad guy in this ordeal.

It is now been believed that the President is hiding evidence from Mr. Starr (Frederick). The evidence that has been found so far is a blue dress and a phone conversation that was recorded. Ms. Lewinsky is the victim here not Mr. Clinton, he treats this incident as if it is her fault and not his.

David Kendall stated that, This case is not about sex is not about sex in any way, it is about perjury, subordination of perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice(Kendall). The President has said that he has never had sexual relation with Ms. Lewinsky. Soon after that statement officials came across evidence that proved that he lied. When he made the statement he was under oath which is perjury. He also has committed subordination of justice, which is when an individual influences another to lie under oath for the persons own benefit.

He did this many times during the trial with the grand jury. Obstruction of justice is to hold off justice from being achieved. The President obstructed justice by using his influence as the President to persuade witnesses who were to take the stand in front of the grand jury. Through all of the controversy and talk the president has been acquitted. Even though he got away with these actions the nation has learned something about politics that may not have been known before.

It is now known how corrupt the executive office can become if given way to much leeway. Mr.Clinton taught the American Public a lot about who to trust and who not to trust and now the nation knows not to trust the word of any politician. The ones who suffered most through this other than Ms. Lewinsky are the democrats who now will always have a dark cloud over their heads from the actions their fellow democrat has admitted to. Another accusation has come for the President very recently with another woman who says he raped her and beat her 21 years ago.

Maybe this one will be the one to finally get him out of office and to stop embarrassing America. Politics Essays.


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