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Christifidelis Laici

Christifidelis Laici Christifidelis Laici Christifidelis Laici was written with the intention to bring together experience with theory. This was in order for concrete ways in which the laity according to the Vatican II could be implemented into an authentic living experience. Resulting from Vatican II the lay participation blossomed in the Church’s mission. Through faith and baptism lay people are engrafted to Christ and that the laity thus have a positive understanding of their vocation and mission. Through baptism one becomes the child of Christ and members of Christ’s body. Because of this lay people share in Christ’s mission as a priest, prophet, and king in ways appropriate to them as laity. Due to our call by Christ we must live our lives with his message in mind opening others to the church and spreading the good news to all as a mission of the church.

Pope John Paul II mentions two temptations to which the laity may be exposed in their Christian vocation. One of these temptations is of, legitimizing the unwarranted separation of faith from life, that is a separation of the Gospel’s acceptance from the actual living of the Gospel in various situations in the world. In other words that means that when the laity hear the good news of the Gospel they accept what they hear but do not act it out once outside the church. For example the reading of the Gospel contains the parable of the Good Samaritan. Later in the week say Tuesday, the boy who heard the message and accepted it as good news, is in the city when he sees an elderly couple struggling to climb the many steps of a building. The boy offers no help or assistance but just thinks to himself, oh they’ll be fine, but I have to get into this building for a social services interview since I want to help people.

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This boy heard the message on Sunday about helping others but in the real world he is separated from the Gospel’s acceptance and the actual living of the Gospel. Religion Essays.


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