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Choosing College

It was a very important decision to choose a college among
many colleges, because with that my future was involved .Choosing college
was a very difficult process. On the other hand, even though I was accepted
in different good colleges, I had to enroll in one college. So I did not
want to change my college in the middle of my education. I could choose to
attend a privet college, a University, a community college. I also needed
to consider cost, location, convenience of class times, and program each
college offered.

The first thing I took into consideration when choosing a
college was location and cost. I wanted to attend a college intentionally
good location because I did not have private transportation. So I was going
to use only public transportation. Cost was also very important in making
my decision. I needed to be able to afford my college tuition. I started my
process from my brother who is studying in Queens College in computer
science. One day I went Queens College admission office with him and I
acknowledged about CUNY admission process. It was very helpful for me. In
the mean time I was educated about admission process and cost about all of
the Private colleges and lot Institutions. Unfortunately most colleges and
Institutions were high tuition and few of them did not match my admission
criteria. At last I tried SUNY I was faced program selection problem and
finally I was not accepted one of my chosen program. Only left CUNY on my
list of college within my location and price range, I had to go one of the
colleges of CUNY. So my first choices was of CUNY’s City college, Hunter
College, City Tech, Queens College, Baruch College.

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My next step in choosing which college I was going to attend
and to find out what were the pre- requisites of the colleges. Most
colleges required passing a series of placements test and most of the CUNY
colleges needed certain grade point average, particularly different program
has a different requirements. My process was little bit different because I
had completed School and High School and Graduation (two years) from
abroad. CUNY had a very lengthy process for evaluation. I fallowed all
rules to get credit and I was trying to get credit from my Graduation
certificate. But it was not accepted. I mean my country’s degree had not
been accepted by the CUNY. Besides I had submitted my whole document
including my graduation certificate to UAPC for my desired program. I was
not accepted where I had completed my education, so I needed to start from
beginning, which means from college in here. I had science background from
my high school which was encouraged me to choose science program. At this
point my desire for a degree came to forefront once again. There was no
debate in my mind about whether or not I wanted to attend college to obtain
a degree.

Finally I was careful to take the programs and schedule
each college offered. Scheduling was as important as tuition and pre-
requisite. I wanted to meet the requirements for my program classes which
would fit for my work schedule. Conveniently scheduled classes were one
significant advantage to set an Institution. I also wanted to earn my
degree as fast as possible. I found most of the CUNY colleges schedules
were the same format, but few of them were different. It was a very hard
moment when I was trying to keep my work on the other side I wanted to
continue my education. In the mean time, CUNY sent an acceptance letter for
chosen program and I was also selected my second chosen college accordingly
above mentioned. Unfortunately, I did not get any convenient schedule
classes. I could not accept it. Then I went to City Tech. and was
desperately looking for my convenience of my class time which would fit for
my work. They gave me convenient classes which did not interfere with my
work schedule. This was exactly what I was looking for; I had found my
college for me.

My process of investigation resulted in my selection of the chosen
TCB program. This helped me to choose the right college through the process
I did. With all the decision and detail, I felt good. It was extremely
flexible moment when I admitted my one college. I was interested in price,
good location and I am very happy with my decision.


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