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Charges Against Parties

Charges Against Parties Strict Constr.—Judges should use strictly legal precedent for legal opinions Strict-aka-legal formalism//Broad-aka-Legal Realism Broad Const adapting & changing law to fit needs of contemp. society. Impoundment pres. refusal to fund program-if he doesn’t support. Jud. activism (lib.)active role for courts;they should use jud. review to strike down on laws that violate const. or its principles.

Judicial Review interpret const. & constit. of actions by gov. branches. Jud. self-rest.

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(cons)restrained role for courts;theyshould find actions of other branches of gov. constitutional & permissible. libertarian indiv. freedom-all aspects of politics & gov. liberals social equality/gov-soc probs-not instilling morals. Plebiscite nat.

poll dis/approval for policies or leaders in power. Pocket Veto if pres. refuses to sign or veto, during 10 day consider, –if Congress remains in session-bill=law w/out pres. signature. Pol. culture shared values of society-affect what people want & how they express those demands. Func.-parties recruit candid.,promote policies, connect st. & local branches nationaly, assign peop to tasks&posit.

in gov once elected, internal dialogues-how govern,provide nat. organ. to coordin functions Thomas Paine’s from Britain; hates monarchy; as long as central Common Sense -power, rights of indiv. were in danger. Charges-parties no clear vision or braod choices;aimed at getting elected; corrupted by interest gr. $; breakdown in par loyalty changed nature of political leadership& weakened gov. Politics Essays.


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