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Cellphones? At School?

By: Ashley Chamberlain
Cell phones should be banned from rural schools. There is no reason for them in rural schools, they are a distraction, and finally they could aid in violent doings. First, there is no reason for them. There are ways of getting ahold of whoever you need(parents). If you need to call your parents; the office will be more than glad to let you use there phone. Also, there are pay phones. Next, they are a distraction. You wouldn’t like it in class if you were taking your finals ; someones phone rang in the middle of class. You wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to what your were doing & put all of you attention on them. You would probably loss your train of thought. Last, cell phones can aid into violent acts. People can call out & say “Hey I just pulled the fire alarm; it’s time to come ; shoot everyone.” You might not think that can happen in your school but it really could. Finally, cell phone should be banned from rural schools. There is no reason for them; they are a distraction; and finally they can result into violent acts.
Iam 15 I attend carmi-white county high school last minute book reports keep me surviving
Word Count: 195


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