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Catcher In The Rye

Catcher In The Rye Show two ways in which the incident with Maurice and the prostitute demonstrate the theme of mans inhumanity to man (an aspect of the world of experience). One incident (which involves the prostitute) is when Holden didnt want to have sex with her but instead wanted to chat, she responded by saying, “What the heck ya wanna talk about?” This just shows that talking isnt what she is used to doing, even if she is getting paid for it. She is probably used to the lascivious male who is only looking to satisfy his needs. Another incident is when Maurice and Sunny enter Holdens room asking for more money. You can tell that they arent used to manners and doing things in a civilized way.

She comes in and sits on the window sill, Maurice sits down in the big chair. “They acted like they owned the damn place”. CHAPTER 15 1. What is the significance of presenting the episode of nuns at this point in the novel? I think the purpose was to show a more positive, religious and faithful Holden Caulfield. The fact that he gives them money and wishes that he couldve given them more just shows that he is a nice person, who does have morals (even though he did ask for a prostitute). Its sort of like a break of light in the novel, he still acts “fake” to them, but he realizes that he shouldnt have and he ends up regretting this. CHAPTER 16 1.

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Why does Holden like the Museum of Natural History? Give at least three reasons. Holden likes the Museum of Natural History because: 1) It brings back memories of when Phoebe and him were in the same school and they used to go together. – He adores his sister Phoebe. 2) A lot of his childhood was spent in this museum, he loves the memories of watching the movie in the big auditorium and the way it used to smell, small stuff that is really significant to him. 3) He also loved the fact that nothing moved and that it always stayed the same. I think that this is important to him because he wished the same could be done for him.

He wishes that he can be a kid forever and that he could always stay the same. I dont think that he is ready to face the world. CHAPTER 17 1. Why does Holden get angry with Sally Hayes? Holden gets angry with Sally Hayes because she does not want to go away to Massachusetts and Vermont with him. She thinks that they are just children. Holden hates that Sally wont just take risks and live life on the edge.

Sally is realistic and thinks about what will happen in the future and the hardships that they will have to go through. CHAPTER 18 & 19 1. Luce is a typical member of the society failing Holden. In what ways does Luce fail Holden? Luce is focused, intelligent and sophisticated. He doesnt like joking around, he knows that he has to grow up and he has done just that.

I think that Holden hates this because he wants to stay a kid and to see people like Luce doing things for themselves, being serious and doing things with themselves makes him upset. Holden knows that he should look up to Luce and do something with his life but somehow he still wants to be a kid inside, he is probably afraid of facing the future and what he knows is the real world. CHAPTER 20 1. Explain the significance of Holdens drunken state. What does the reader learn about Holden? I think that the significance of Holdens drunken state is to show that he really is immature and he really does long to remain a kid.

Getting drunk is somewhat of a childish activity. Real “mature” people can usually handle the alcohol and they know when to not past their limit. I think Holden enjoys this drunken state because it is somewhat of an excuse for him. He can act like he has a bullet in his guts because he is drunk and when you are drunk you are sort of “in another world”. The reader learns that Holden is really immature, he doesnt want to grow up and he is trying as hard as he can to stop this process.

This is why he makes fun of people who are sophisticated and have done things with themselves (he knows that he cant get there himself). CHAPTER 21 1. Explain the significance of Phoebes choice of middle name- “Weatherfield” The significance of this is that she changes just like the weather. One day she wants one thing and the next day she wants something else. “Every time I see her shes got a new middle name for herself.” CHAPTER 22 1.

What happened to James Castle? How does Holden feel about this? James Castle was a boy who jumped out of the window and killed himself at Elkton Hills. Some guys wouldnt leave him alone because he wouldnt take back something that he said about this really conceited boy at the same school. I think that even though Holden didnt know him too well he still feels for him. It probably reminds him of his deceased brother Allie. 2.

What does Holden want to be? Holden wants to be the catcher in the rye. Holden wants to catch all the children if they go over the cliff. “If they are running and they dont look where theyre going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them.” CHAPTER 23 & 24 1. What advice does Mr. Antolini give Holden? Explain in your own words.

Mr. Antolini tells Holden that you have to try in order to succeed. I think what Mr. Antolini wrote on the paper sums up the message he is trying to get across to Holden, “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” This to me basically means that if you are immature, child-like and give up on everything you will end up dying and not end up going anywhere in life. On the other hand if you get your mind on the right track and you actually try then you will have the power to live and seek life to its fullest. I think that because Holden is not “there” morally and spiritually he does not see the way of the”mature man”.

2. Why does Holden leave Mr. Antolinis house? Did he overreact or was he justified in his suspicions? I think that Holden was justified in his suspicions. I know that if I were in the same position and somebody starting patting my head in the dark while I was trying to sleep, I wouldnt even bother with a phony explanation. I would simply get up and leave. Its obviously unusual behaviour and it shouldnt happen.

Imagine if Holden didnt wake up and something else happened. The way I see it is, its better to be safe than sorry. CHAPTERS 25 & 26 1. Explain the significance of the graffiti in the museum and Holdens reaction to it. I think that the museum signifies a place of innocence and peace for Holden. Its a child-like place where kids learn about and discover the world around them.

I think seeing the words “*censored* you” had a great impact on Holden because these words are a sign of corruption, in some way they make the child grow up faster than they have to and Holden doesnt like that. Hed rather kids stay kids for as long as they have to. That is what Holden is trying to do but it obviously doesnt work that way. 2. How does Phoebe save Holden? List at least three ways she saves him.

Phoebe saves Holden by: 1) I think by seeing the way that Phoebe wanted to come with Holden, he realized that what he is doing is ridiculous. If Phoebe looks ridiculous in this situation then its obvious that Holden does too. 2) I think that by Phoebe refusing to stop crying and walk with him made him realize that he too is being stubborn and that things cant always work out the way people want them too. 3) I think with Phoebe going through the whole process of being mad at Holden and then talking to him once again, made Holden realize that he might have been mad at the world, but seeing Phoebe in this state of innocence made him realize that all things come to an end and that he cant stay mad at the world forever. I think that the world can be seen as an innocent child.

If you corrupt it then you end up living a nightmare. You must live with all the problems and consequences of this corruption.


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