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Bradford And Morton

I have lived my entire life here in New Hampshire and upon my thinking about it,
I am amazed that I live so close to history. I am but two hours away from a
controversy that occurred four hundred years ago. And it is from this beginning
that the “great” United States of America grew. I laugh out loud; is
this not true. Our founding fathers were nothing more than a few ambitious
sinners with their own dreams and desires, not much different than the
generations today. The pilgrims came desiring religious freedom and with a noble
vision of building such a community of Christians that they would be known as a
“City upon a Hill,” a light to the lost. However they all did not come
with a common dream as we see in these writing of Thomas Morton and William
Bradford Unlike the pilgrims who came for political reason, it seem that Morton
may have been sent over because of his ill behavior. I can imagine that he may
have got himself into trouble and the judge part pardons part punishes him by
sending him to break in the new territory in America. I do not know if this is
true, but it makes sense in light of the comment that was made that Morton had
“left his country for his country’s good.” Morton also makes the
comment that though Morton is a well educated man, he has “a tendency to
get into fights and lawsuits.” (Of Plymouth Plantation, pp. 226) Morton’s
plans for Merry-mount seem to consist of nothing more than the indulgence of the
profane and self gratification. Morton himself writes: “Then drink and be
merry, merry, merry boys, Let all you delight be in Hymen’s joys;” (New
English Canaan, pp.277-81) Bradford talks about Morton and his men as leading a
“dissolute life, pouring out themselves into all profaneness.” (Of
Plymouth Plantation, pp. 226) The actions of those at Merry-mount are detestable
to the surrounding settlements. Morton’s live easy attitude bothers the other
settlements because they know that such behavior can not last as pleasure for
ever. Of course everything that Bradford claims to be true of Morton, Morton
denies. He claims that Bradford is just against him. How ever, what Morton
claims he is unable to prove. Bradford’s testimony in backed by the other
settlements and by his reputation. Both sides of the argument between Thomas
Morton and William Bradford are very subjective like many personal views on
popular issues today. Technically we can not know what exactly happened, because
we hear the story after it has been filtered through ones subjectiveness and
excuse Aren’t we all a bit like these two sides that we seen brought out in
Morton and Bradford? We sacrifice relationships and possibilities of happiness
all to the god of our selfish interests? I think of when I near destroyed my
relationship with my parents all because I was lying about what I was doing.

They would question and I would lie in response and this became a vicious circle
where the truth and all trust between us was almost lost.

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