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Book Notes

.. rtkin told him to hold off. The reason her did that is because he thought the girl would be useful on tending the kids. Also she would make a good hostage. Miro was instructed to get close to the girl and gain her trust.

As Miro talked to her he discovered that the girls name was Kate. Kate also had a few secrets of her own. She had a very weak bladder and she also had a spare key to the bus ignition so that once Miro took his periodic breaks and stood outside the bus she would try to drive the bus off the bridge and by doing so save both her and the children. While all of this was going on the police and the soldiers started to move into that are and the woods around the bridge. The woods were swamped with some of the best snipers fort delta had.

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And as soon as the Generals arrived they made their demands. There demands were: “Number one, They are demanding the release of fifteen so-called political prisoners serving various sentences in this country. Two, they are asking for ten million dollars in cash. Three, theyre demanding the dismantling of what is know to some people as Inner Delta.” By dismantling they mean reviling the name of all the agents involved to the public. The people are given 24 hours to meet their demands are they will kill all the children. Also they said that for every crew member that is killed they will kill a child.

Meanwhile Bens father arrives only to find an empty room with some typed sheets of paper left next to the typewriter. Mark (Bens father) immediately knows where Ben went and he prepares himself for any tragic news that will be delivered to him. While waiting for Ben to arrive he sits down n and reads the pieces of paper that are left next to the type writer. The paper said that he will no jump off the bridge until he discusses it with his dad so that gives him some hope. After the long 1st night Kate finds out that one child did not eat the candy.

That child’s name is Raymond. Raymond provides some help and hope to Kate but both soon run out when Raymond is killed because one of their men was shot and killed. That man was Antibee. After that occurs Kate decides to use the spare key and drive off the bridge. When she dose the engine dies out and she is stopped. Then Artkin and Stroll (the driver of the van) Receive the news that their leader Sedeete was captured.

Artkin doesn’t believe it so he asks for proof and wants on of the generals sons to deliver a rock that Sedeete had from their home land. The child chosen was Ben and was given false info without knowing it. When forced by Artkin to tell them everything he knows he tells them false info without knowing that it is not true. He tells tem that they are planning an attack at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning. When the attack finally comes it is at 8:30 am so stroll and Artkin were killed and Miro killed Kate ad escaped.

After completing Bens Journals Mark find out that Ben jumped off the bridge because he couldn’t live with the fact that he was given false info because he was expected to let down his country. The Conflict In the book I read the characters have a lot of conflicts to overcome. The characters that have conflicts in the story are: Miro: Miro is the one that has the most conflicts in the story and he overcomes most of them. Some conflicts that he has is when Artkin gives him a mission and he fails it or leaves it incomplete. For example Miro was told to keep an eye on the girl but the girl nearly escapes.

Also he has to overcome the calls of nature, but fortunately he has trained his body to handle that kind of things. He also has to overcome the periods of time spent in the bus just waiting. Miro hates waiting he likes action. He also has to overcome the sexual feelings for Kate because he doesn’t want to become involved with her because his mission is to kill her. Artkin: Since Artkin is the leader of the group he really has no problems to deal with. There is only one problem he approaches and that is the negotiations with the generals.

Ben: Ben really only has one big problem. That is that he was expected to let his country down and that eventually lead him to his death. Kevin: Kevin also has the problem of talking to Ben and thinking that he was responsible for him committing suicide. He never really overcomes that. Kate: Kate has to overcome a lot in the story.

She has to overcome the fact that she is eventually going to die. She also has to overcome her own far and tend the children. Also it took Kate a long time to dig up the courage to try to drive the bus off the bridge. The Theme The theme of my story is fairly simple. What Robert Cormier is trying to get across to the reader is that even thought the crime is planned well youll never get away with it. I think that this is very true. I also share that feeling. On a scale from 1 to 10 this book gets an 9.

The this book gets a ten is because this book was basically the master of suspense. This book kept me interested from the first word to the last page. However the reason this book gets a less than a perfect score is that the ending could have been better. On a scale form 1 to 10 the character get a 9 also. My favorite character was Miro because I can relate to many of his feelings and thoughts of fear and failure. I dont really have a least favorite character all the characters in this story were really good.


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